Sunday, September 13, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: The coming of the virtual campus: Online schools need an online campus. "Stanford University Students Flock to a Virtual Campus"

The coming of the virtual campus: 
Online schools need an online campus. 
"Stanford University Students Flock to a Virtual Campus" 

A pandemic moves schools to think about an online campus.  Actually, some were thinking that way before the pandemic.   
Universal campus (Kitely)

Advantages of the online campus

  • Serve students over a wider area.
  • Support adult learners who already hold jobs.
  • Increase enrollments without increasing facilities.
  • Draw on adjunct faculty from a much wider area.
  • Share resources among schools.
  • Bring in potential students on field trips
  • Use the educational resources of the web.

The online campus in virtual worlds

The concept



Lecture halls


    The library

    The language department


      The social campus

      The extended campus

      The extended faculty




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