Tuesday, May 5, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: How could we staff a digital campus? The MGE method can get an existing faculty comfortable in a digital world

How could we staff a digital campus? 
The MGE method can get an existing faculty comfortable in a digital world
The Mind Gathering Experience© (MGE) method
A project by J. L. Mittag
How do you train your faculty to teach in a virtual world?  Here is an option.
A demonstrational campus
Mind Gathering Experiences

A school campus is made of people

  • Online web pages cannot replace people.
  • A dean  considers the idea of a digital campus online.
  • "It's not like another campus across town. Where would I get faculty?" she says to herself.
  • We interrupt this story to introduce another character, MGE so the dean (we'll call her Lorna Dean) won't have to talk to herself.   
  • [More after the break.]

Mindgathering Experiences (MGE)

  • MGE can offer virtual world onboarding services to teachers and leadership of membership organisations
  • For more information, contact mindgatherers@gmail   
  • Education in MUVEs (virtual worlds)
  • Educational Technology (Wikipedia)
  • "You use the faculty you already have," says MGE.  
  • "They won't go.  They don't know how to function in a virtual world.."  
  • MGE:  "They can learn.  In eight to twelve hours, all in one week.  Over spring break.  And they might be able to count it as continuing education," 
  • LD: "All in one session?"
  • MGE: "Probably not.  More likely two or three sessions over two or three days. Much like an online continuing education session."
  • LD:  "Why would they be interested in teaching online?"
  • MGE:  "Expands their skill set, lets them teach from home, gives pandemic protection,  low carbon footprint, cuts noneducational costs."
Campus building interior 
Probably a commons area

The case for digital places

A schedule on the wall
Click image to enlarge
  • You don't need other people to look at a schedule.
  • Not unless you want to coordinate schedules with them.

The coming digital campus

In the lecture room
Click image to enlarge
  • Mission:  bring organization staff into digital worlds
RAAM--Rapid Avatar Assimilation Model
  • Just like the old campusControl the environment and what they can do there.
Familiar administrative oversight
  • And the digital system is everywhere.
The secret of the registration wizard
Click image to enlarge

Campus event area
Maybe hold dances there


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