Friday, March 29, 2019

2019 EDU: WW: The online campus: Your campus on the internet. Meet fellow students, work with them

The online campus:
Your  campus 
on the internet 

This campus travels the world.  It can teach in any language its owner wants.  It is open any time students want to meet there.  It can meet students in their own homes. The elaborate version requires installing an app.  The simple version lives in a browser (Chrome, for example).   
Universal campus (Kitely)

A campus is more than classes

  • A campus is not just a place where you go to study.
  • You meet fellow students, you work with them, you learn from them.
  • You develop contacts you may work with in your later career.
  • You can take online classes by yourself.  
  • Can you talk with anyone about what you are learning?
  • In the old-style school, you could talk with classmates.
  • You could ask them questions, answer questions, study together.
  • Can you do that in an online class?  
  • Maybe not, but you can do it in a virtual campus

What is a virtual campus? 

  • A virtual campus is a 3D representation of a college campus. 
  • Students attend via the internet, but it goes beyond online courses.
  • Students don't have to learn by themselves.  
  • They come to classes with other students. 
  • There are commons rooms for students to meet out of class.
  • Students can organize their own clubs, hold their own events. 
  • They can hold study sessions with other students as they wish.
  • They can form fraternities and sororities if the school allows it. 
  • A virtual campus is more than online classes. 

  • MUVE update 3/28/2019 VWBPE 2019 April 4-6 (Immersive experiences already started)


A virtual campus can be elaborate

A virtual campus can have field trips just a minute away

A virtual campus offers much lower costs

For the school

For the students

For the faculty

A virtual campus can integrate with existing school records systems

A virtual campus could offer extras as in a university

Student self-help

Student professional development

School library (TBD) 

  • Students can't afford to subscribe to professional journals, but  a school can

Student counselling (TBD)

  • Vocational counselling
  • Personal problems
  • Self-study coach
  • School nurse or doctor. 

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