Monday, June 22, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: The coming digital campus. Not just an online class. All the campus resources in managed access Teaching the skills of the new century with the tools of the new century

The coming digital campus.   Not just an online class.  
All the campus resources in managed access
Teaching the skills of the new century 
with the tools of the new century

The coming digital campus.  We are the digital generation.  This is the digital century.  Can you prepare for digital work without a digital campus?
Universal campus (Kitely)

Why not virtual campus?

  • Virtual: first and older definition (Merriam-Webster):
  • Being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted.
  • If a school has a digital campus it can be formally recognized.
  • The entry to the digital campus should be right there on the school's web site.
  • And the school should be providing the services expected on a school campus:
  • Library, career counselling, school news media, etc.
  • -
  • Besides, virtual is strongly associated with games.
  • And even with some unsavory publicity:
  • Can you put a high school next to a porno place? Not even in a virtual world. But there are solutions
  • -
  • Then, too, everyone knows that we are in the digital century.  
  • 21st century skills are digital skills to fill digital jobs.
  • Any forward-looking school needs to prepare students for digital jobs.
  • Every school needs a digital focus, even if it still has an old brick campus.
  • A digital campus better expresses the digital focus than do old buildings.

  • Finally, digital includes more than virtual.  
  • 3D worlds can serve many educator needs, but not all. 
  • And there is a large body of digital content available on the flat web.
  • There is no reason to abandon existing content that still serves education. 
  • Colleges closing 


Teaching resources


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