Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019 #VWEDU #DTA: You could give live lectures on a virtual campus. But why would you?

You could give live lectures 
on a virtual campus.  
But why would you? 
If you make a video of a live lecture, you can use the same lecture multiple times.  If you do it in a virtual world, you can do it in scenes relevant to the subject.  You can walk around and point to things in the scene. That may be more interesting than slides with just the names of the things.  The things you are talking about could be animated.  That might beat those pictures you put up on flat screen.  This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).

Why would you give a live lecture in a virtual world?

  • Break the lecture
  • Because you want to make a video of the lecture?
  • Sure, get a video of a lecture so it can be reused. 
  • It is easy to make videos in virtual worlds.
  • But why do it on campus?  You could lecture in a scene that fits the lecture.
  • Visit Stonehenge in your browser: Virtual field trip
  • You might bring the class as a field trip.
  • Field trips are easy in a virtual world-- just a teleport away
  • But if you are going to do all the talking, you can do that in a video.  
  • You would not do all the talking, of course.  
  • You would stop several times in a long lecture and ask for questions.
  • You might also direct some questions to the class.
  • To make a video, you might break at that point.  
  • Perhaps you would close with thought questions.   
  • The good thing about a video is that need not fill an hour.  
  • You could present a ten-minute video followed by ten-minutes for questions.
  • For a big class you could have multiple sections led by assistants.
  • Assistants could handle most of the questions--you would have a FAQ page.
  • Much of the FAQ work might be handled by a DTA.
  • How many avatars can we get into a meeting?

If you are going to make videos of your lectures


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