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2017 HELP: Solutions, cautions, and tips in for virtual worlds

Solutions, cautions, and tips
for for virtual worlds
Updated 6/13/2017


  • Cautions
  • Tips
  • Getting help
Was working fine, suddenly big problems: 

"SSL handshake failed"

  • If you are using the viewer's internal browser, 
  • change your viewer settings to use your open links in an external browser.
Search, adult places 


  • Unable to create item  that has caused problems on this region
  • This is a known bug.  Work arounds:
  • Go to another sim or get the sim restarted

Billing, payments, Lindens
Places to look for help
Information to give when you ask for help
  • Name and version number of your viewer.
  • What computer, OS, and viewer are you using?
  • What is your graphics card.
  • Are your graphics drivers current with the manufacturers web site
  • Have you/can you try a different machine?
  • Have you/can you try a wired connection (not WIFI)?
  • Have you/can you try a different router and modem?
  • Have you checked the bandwidth you are actually getting?
  • Have you tried a clean install? 
  • Have you tried another viewer?
If you can log on, get this report 
  • Help (Top menu)
  • About Second Life
  • Copy to clipboard button
  • Include that info with requests for help
SL official resources
Tips and tricks

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  1. Lag is just a given really. It can be caused by your computer or the internet itself. That is pretty common.


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