Tuesday, September 15, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: VID: How to make videos in virtual worlds for illustrated instruction or for project-based learning

How to make videos in virtual worlds 
for illustrated instruction
or for project-based learning 
Instructions on making videos in virtual worlds for educational purposes.

Use cases

  • Teacher creates an illustrated lecture.
  • Teacher creates an illustrated instructional unit.
  • Project-based learning:  Student(s) create an illustrated project report.

Needed tech

  • You need a reasonably capable computer for this.
  • At least one step above the cheapest, preferably two.
  • And you will not like the speed if you don't have good bandwidth


You need to know

  • How to capture and edit video from a virtual world.
  • In badge language, a VR capture badge and a VR editor badge.
  • You can start these at the apprentice level.  
  • The way you get to journeyman is by practice.


Skills badge analysis

  • The main function of badges is to show what you need to be able to do at each skill level

VR capture badge

Video editor badge

  • Install Shotcut
  • Simple video editing with Shotcut, for virtual worlders
  • Plan on video products of less than 10 minutes.  
  • People do not watch long videos without strong motivation.
  • Stick to one topic.  
  • For education, put the name of the topic in the video name.
  • The best clip for editing is one that can stand by itself.
  • Then you only need to trim the ends.
  • To combine several clips, bring each clip in, trim it and store the trimmed clip in the playlist bin on the right.
  • Then drag the clips into the timeline in the desired order.
  • Check the timeline for spacers between the clips and remove them (right click: Remove.) 





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