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2017 WW: EDU: Drag and Drop building in Cybalounge: Tutorial

Drag and Drop building in Cybalounge: Tutorial
Updated 2/18/2018
Building in Cybalounge just got much easier.  You can drag and drop things from your browser, desktop, or file folder onto the Cybalounge screen and into your Cybalounge world.  That applies to web pages, images, videos and objects in COLLADA (DAE) files. 


To use Drag and Drop building

  • Be a registered user in Cybalounge.
  • Be logged in with your password
  • Be in a world where you have rez rights
  • You have rez rights in your world.
  • You probably have rez rights in a world where you are administrator.
  • Click the crossed tools (bottom line) to enter the building state.
  • (You may not need to do this, but success confirms your authority.)
  • Another button you need to know about is reload page.
  • That is the circling arrow (upper left).
  • Items you drag into your world are stored in your inventory (except urls)  
  • Storing and handling objects, including complex objects

Drag and drop an image

  • Best use a .jpg image.  You can use a .png, but those are big.
  • Stand your avatar where you want the image to go.
  • Put your cursor on the file name, press the left mouse button, drag to the screen.
  • The image will appear (to you) intersecting your avatar.
  • (No avatar is harmed in this process--just walk away.)
  • Other people may not see any change.  They need to reload the page.
  • To reload: Click the arrow circle, upper left (no relog, just reload).
  • The image will be on a plane (2D primitive).  You can move it if you know how:  
  • How to start building in Cybalounge

Drag and drop a web page

  • Stand your avatar where you want the panel to go.
  • In picking a place, keep in mind that the display has one useful side.
  • (The other side appears in reverse.)
  • Drag the url to the Cynbalounge screen.
  • The url is in the address (top) bar of the page.
  • Put cursor on the graphic at left, press and hold left button, drag.
  • Again, other users may have to reload the page to see the web panel.
  • The panel will be in the popup mode: a click on it will open a popup for reading.
  • To set the panel to open in new tab, follow instructions here: 
  • HTML page prim: Put the web in your web-world
  • In the future, there will probably be a land setting tol allow choice of open new tab.
  • To move or remove the display click on it.  (Crossed tools must be active.)
  • To move it, click on attributes, and adjust the position.
  • How to start building in Cybalounge
  • To remove it, click on actions and click remove.
  • Don't leave many web panels out.  
  • One limit established in my Cybalounge web-world: 8-12 web-pages.
  • .
  • When you work with web pages, things may get weird.
  • The solution: you reload.  
  • (Extra: You can also drag a web link to your desktop this way)

Drag and drop videos

  • Works with videos on YouTube.  May work with videos on other sites: test first.
  • Drag the url for the YouTube page onto the screen as with a web page (above).
  • As with a web page, others may have to reload the page.

Drag and drop objects (COLLADA files) 

  • Drop the DAE zip file.

Drag & Drop documentation

The easiest way for bringing content into your virtual world is to use the drag & drop feature of the cybaLOUNGE platform. Internally this works like the upload of assets using the inventory manager, but in a much more convenient way.

Assets you can drag and drop into CybaLOUNGE

  • Image files (jpg and png format) 
  • Sound clips (mp3 format)
  • Documents (pdf format)
  • 3D Models (dae and json format)
  • URLs
  • Can you drop in an avatar?  Not yet.
All assets you import in this way (except URLs) go into your inventory, where you can manage them like other assets.

The drag and drop works the same for every type of content. Click the file on your desktop or in your file manager (or the URL from your browser’s address bar) and keep the mouse button down while dragging the asset into the 3D window of the virtual world. Images, textures, documents and models will appear immediately (depending on the file size and the upload speed) at your avatar’s current location.
The maximum size for content being imported (upload or drag&drop) is limited to 32MB at the moment. This value might change (increase or decrease) in the future.
The name of an asset must be unique. In order to work properly, every file name of an uploaded item can only be used once.
Importing Textures and Images
Textures and images can be used for texturing primitive objects (cubes, planes, spheres, cylinders, …). The imported texture is displayed on a plane with the dimensions of 1 by 1 meter. You can change the scale of the plane if the image is not supposed to be square (e.g. when importing photos or posters).
If you want to use the texture for other purposes, simply delete the plane in the 3d view, the texture will remain in the inventory and can be used as a material for all primitives.

Textures work best with dimensions as a power of 2, e.g. 256 by 256 pixels, 512 by 512 pixels or 1024 by 1024 pixels.


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