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2020 #VWEDU: Residential construction: Signature Safety: Training in digital worlds And comments about unbundling.

Residential construction: 
Signature Safety:  
Training in digital worlds
And comments about unbundling.
A fourth video interview with people in a safety consulting firm showing the advantages offered by scene simulations in a virtual world, such as Kitely.  Consideration of how career-oriented training in virtual worlds might be interconnected with colleges, community colleges, and high school.
Signature Safety is a full-service environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting firm with offices located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our clients span the spectrum of industries, from warehousing and distribution facilities to construction managers; from manufacturing to maintenance contractors; from municipal governments to construction subcontractors.

Career-oriented "training"

  • I put training in quotes because I think it could just as well be called education.
  • And I note that some educational institutions are showing an interest in it.  
  • The business of Signature Safety is to train or retrain experienced professionals.
  • A university might offer similar training to students preparing for the profession.
  • The university might offer beginner level courses not needed by professionals.
  • A junior college might offer only beginner level courses for career guidance.    
  • A high school might want field trips to the same facilities with demonstrations.

Think virtual campus 

The entrepreneurial educator

  • A virtual campus could accommodate all of these use cases. 
  • With world-wide reach
  • Tiny facilities cost
  • No transportation cost in money or time.  
  • Services can be unbundled: facilities, automated instruction, instructor-led training.
  • This situation offers potential for a disruptive change
  • This is a job for Entrepreneur.

Why unbundle?

  • Facilities should be unbundled because they are instructional content.
  • LIke text books and plastic models of the brain.  
  • Suitable for use in many learning contexts, but only with an instructor.
  • Automated instruction might be unbundled because it requires technical skills.
  • And because it would be limited to field trips and beginner instruction.
  • Instructor-led training would be left where the instructors are.
  • Universities or instructional companies.

Possible entrepreneurial universities

Instructional companies: entrepreneurial? 



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