Tuesday, February 26, 2019

2019 IMA: BIZ: Theft of digital content. What can we do about it?

Theft of digital content.  
What can we do about it?

Part of successful selling is creating and maintaining a brand valued by potential customers.  Content creators in virtual worlds may want to pay more attention to the brand they are creating, especially if they are interested in suppressing illegitimate sales of their products. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

2019 PROMO: EVENTS: Hypergrid promotion: Think as a world citizen.

Hypergrid promotion:  
Think as a world citizen.   
Updated 3/12/2019
How to develop promotional material:  Know your target audience and how to reach them. Know what you want them to do in response to your promotion.  Know the concrete actions they have to take.   Work over those details to make them as few and as easy as possible. Now imagine your are the reader. Why would you (as the reader) want to take those actions.  Start your appeal with the why they want to, then go to the how to do it.
  • You want your readers to do something.   What?  
  • Put your answer on your worksheet.   
  • It is not "Come to my event," unless your event is starting right now.
  • It is probably "Put it on your calendar."
  • Or maybe "Join this group for a reminder."
  • (Join group is better--you can continue the contact.)
  • Who will want to do that?  Don't say everybody.  
  • If everybody wanted to do it, you would not have to promote it.
  • Why will the people in your target audience want to do that? 
  • You are going to have to convince people that they want to.  
  • Or don't bother promoting.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

2019 EDU: WW: CybaLOUNGE: credentials: Batch-Registration for Students

Cybalounge: credentials:  
Batch-Registration for Students
Batch registration of students, based on the class roster, is available in cybaLOUNGE.  Here is how.
Confirm upload of 
batch registration file
  • You prepare a batch registration file, preferably from the registrar's data.
  • Drag the batch registration file onto the 3D screen of cybaLOUNGE.
  • And the batch registration is done.  
  • The students should promptly enter with a starter password you give them.   
  • They enter a new password they make up and registration is complete.
  • You add new students by dropping a new file on cybaLOUNGE.
  • You clear the roster with a command (TBD) in the location management panel.
  • And then drop a new batch file on cybaLOUNGE.
  • Details on preparing the batch file after the break.
  • CybaLOUNGE
  • Web-worlds summary
Classes can be offered in cybaLOUNGE with little or no preparation as long as they do not need record-keeping.  Schools generally need records on individual students to provide credentials.   For that, students need to be registered under their real names and usually with their own passwords
If students have to register themselves, some will make errors that cause problems later.  Others will need help getting the registration done correctly.  The efficient way to avoid these problems is batch registration. 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

2019 WW: BIZ: A quick tour of my office in 3DWebWordz--Jamie Jordan

A quick tour of my office
 in 3DWebWordz
--Jamie Jordan
An office on the web.  Built in the browser.  No taxes.  No utilities.  No janitor.  Lease about $10. a month.  Location: every city in the world.  Just set your office hours.  My office hours are given after the break.

  • Watch on YouTube
  • Leasing office
  • A quick tour of Jamie's office in 3DWebWorldz 
  • Office of Jamie Jordan, RAW and Gaming Uncensored
  • RAW: Riding a Wheelie
  • Come visit for more information. 
  • You don't have to register--come in as a guest
  • You will arrive at the orientation room.
  • Get information there about how to movechat and use radar.
  • Then learn how to find places and go there.

Friday, February 22, 2019

2019 EDU: Project-based education could produce useful results for the learner and for society

Project-based education 
could produce useful results 
for the learner and for society
A paradigm is proposed for creating socially useful projects to be used in project-based education. This article is explicitly licensed as public domain: Use as you with no credit to the author.
The Empty Classroom

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2019 PEOPLE: Tessin: race of the state yachts: replicas of a state yacht of the 18th century

Sailing race in the MUVEs:
virtual 18th century state yachts
race in Tessin (Kitely) 
MUVE: Multi-User Virtual Environment.  Video of a race among virtual state yachts of 18th century Utrecht. Location: Tessin (Kitely)  

Go there on the Hypergrid

  • Hypergrid address:
  • grid.kitely.com:8002:Tessin
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, Click FindTP

Monday, February 18, 2019

2019 PROMO: Reposting is your magazine, your recommendations, your promotion.

Reposting is your magazine, 
your recommendations, 
your promotion. 

Use social media to your own advantage.  You don't want to let it use you.

Reposting has consequences

  • Many of us repost items that we find interesting. 
  • As with anything you do on the web, that can have results, good and bad.
  • So you probably want to think about your goals in posting.
  • And be sure your posts serve those goals. 
  • Different goals call for different reposting policies.

Goals in posting

  • Note to self: Links you may want later.
  • Casual chat:  Things you think are funny, surprising, or interesting.
  • Spread the word:  Ideas and information you want to pass around
  • Build your rep:  You are editor of your repost collection.
  • Serious promotion:  Things you really want to promote.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

2019 BIZ: Exploring Kitely: Improved features in search: finding and being found

Exploring Kitely: 
Improved features: 
Finding and being found

Kitely search support for finding places.
Kitely search options
Click image to enlarge

Saturday, February 16, 2019

2019 WW: EDU: Free Shopping Tool in 3DWebWorldz: The whole webworld is your store and the goods are free!

Free Shopping Tool in 3DWebWorldz:  
The whole webworld is your store 
and the goods are free!

You can build your place in 3DWebworldz.  Here is how to get free buildings and other things.

  • Watch on YouTube
  • Many of the things in 3DWebWorldz are licensed for public use.  
  • You can take a copy of those things for your own use.
  • That means not just tables and chars, but whole buildings.  
  • You can take a copy of a building and put it on your own land.  

Friday, February 15, 2019

2019 EDU: New educational term: Batch Registration: for schools and organizations in virtual worlds

New educational term:  Batch Registration: 
for schools and organizations in virtual worlds 
Batch registration is a feature that grids and web-worlds can offer to schools and other organizations that will bring in and manage groups of users.   
The Empty Classroom
  • Instructors don't want their students to register for their classes in virtual worlds.
  • Some of the students will get it wrong and need instructor help.
  • Instructors want to spend time teaching the course content.
  • They don't want to spend time teaching students how to register online.
  • Batch registration: the school does the registration from its own records.
  • Kitely: Introducing Organizations (Virtual Grids)

Contents below

  • What is batch registration?
  • What are the advantages of batch registration? 
  • What MUVEs (virtual worlds) do batch registration?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2019 EDU Teaching a class in a virtual world (MUVE)? Why you don't want your students to arrive on time.

Teaching a class in a virtual world (MUVE)? 
Why you don't want your students to arrive on time. 

In a MUVE you want to spread arrivals over time to avoid too heavy a load on the server
The Empty Classroom

What happens in a MUVE when students arrive on time?

  • It is not just a line at the door. 
  • It is a big load on the simulator.
  • Check your stats at arrival time.
  • (Firestorm will show your stats. Your Kitely web page will show your stats.)
  • You will get obvious lag if lots of people arrive at the same time.
  • The load can be enough to crash the simulator.
  • You want to spread the arrivals over time.  

Monday, February 11, 2019

2019 WW: EDU: Instachat in 3DWebWorldz: Text quickly presented on screen

Instachat in 3DWebWorldz:  
Text quickly presented on screen
InstaChat makes for quick communication in 3DWebWorldz.  Makes it easy to ask questions or give information.
 InstaChat controls

  • The InstaChat button toggles the display on and off.
  • When toggled, the display loses its contents.
  • To keep text inside the "bubble," hit ENTER before text runs out of the text bar.
  • To check your display use the mirror button.
  • To try it: 3DWebWorldz
  • 3DWW is social VW. How to start

Sunday, February 10, 2019

2019 WRITE: WW: EDU: Web Writers Workshop, the writers group that meets in your browser.

Web Writers Workshop, 
the writers group that meets  
in your browser.
Writers meeting in a browser. Nothing to download.  Nothing to install.  Use the library's computer.  Chat with other writers.  Try out writing exercises.  Try out interactive fiction.  Try out writing in 3D scenes.  All free.  

Web Writers Workshop schedule


Saturday, February 9, 2019

2019 COMEDY: January 2019: Lauren's place, Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific

January 2019: Lauren's place,   
Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific
January collection of comedy from Lauren's place:  WyNott,  Catboy, Randy, Synnove


          Friday, February 8, 2019

          2019 EDU: WW: 3DWebWorldz: Web integration and how to use it

          Web integration 
          and how to use it 

          How 3DWebWorldz , a browser-based three-dimensional place, is integrating its instructional offerings with the rest of the World Wide Web.
          Social media buttons
          on 3DWebWorldz
          • About 85% of US adults use the web.
          • Web-worlds use the web too, running in your browser.
          • Most of that 85% is using social media.
          • Here is how 3DWebWorldz is connecting to social media

          Social medial buttons on 3DWebWorldz

          • Discord: social media for techies--text and voice
          • MeWe: social media for everyone
          • Patreon: support your local web-world
          • YouTube: tutorials for 3DWebWorldz
          • Submit a ticket: when you need help

          Tuesday, February 5, 2019

          2019 WW: Voice problems with Vivox on your grid? Suggestions for plan B

          Voice problems with Vivox on your grid? 
          Suggestions for plan B

          Vivox has demonstrated that it can be out for two weeks or longer.  For educational or most business uses that is a single point of failure.  An alternative is needed.  Some grids may offer fallback options.  Web-worlds can provide a fast fallback with no advance preparation.
          ACRL Virtual World interest group

          Possible voice emergency alternatives to Vivox

          Web-worlds are alternatives

          • 3DWebWorldz
          • CybaLOUNGE
          • You can visit either of these as a guest, without registering.
          • No preparation needed.

          Monday, February 4, 2019

          2018 WW: cybaLOUNGE - Provide a direct link to your region. Bypass the general entry page

          cybaLOUNGE - 
          Provide a direct link to your region. 
          Bypass the general entry page 

          Instructions for giving people a direct web link to your place in Cybalounge-- a web link you can put in social media, websites, or blogs.
          Click the clipboard button
          in the Location Dialog

          Get a direct link to your Cybalounge location

          • Suppose you have a place in Cybalounge and you want to bring people there.  
          • You want an easy way to get them directly to your place.   
          • You don't want to make them go though the main Cybalounge login page.
          • On the web, what you want is a clickable link.  
          • You put it in social media, websites, or blogs. 
          • Here is how to get a clickable link to your place in Cybalounge:
          • Go to your place.  Click the house graphic (bottom line).
          • In the dialog box, click the clipboard button to copy your url to the clipboard. 
          • What do you do with it?  After the break. 
          • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary

          Sunday, February 3, 2019

          2019 PEOPLE: ART: Opensim Fest Rises in March 2019.

          Opensim Fest Rises
           AvatarFest has been a creative effort which has celebrated the people of Open Sim for years, and AvatarFest 2018 was it's final year. In the spirit of this incredible yearly festival, OpenSim Fest begins with our first festival starting in March 2019.


          What can YOU do to be a part of OpenSim Fest 2019?


          Saturday, February 2, 2019

          2019 WW: EDU: Convergence: OpenSim and web-worlds

          OpenSim and web-worlds 
          How OpenSim and web-worlds are coming together to produce a better user experience in both places.
          Starting place writer's workshop

          Convergence elements

          • Share social media
          • Share events
          • Gateway
          • OARS
          • Same avatars
          • Shared local chat
          • Shared voice

          2019 Promo: How to write and use a press release in MUVEs (virtual worlds)

          How to write and use a press release 
          in MUVEs (virtual worlds)

          The need for promotion increases with the loss of G+.  The press release is a good way to get publicity for a special event. 

          • press release can be a good way to get publicity for a special event. 

          A press release can announce

          • An art collection
          • A published book
          • Your place of public interest
          • Your special event

          Friday, February 1, 2019

          2019 PROMO: RIP G+, time to review your likes and repost strategy

          RIP G+, time to review 
          your likes and repost strategy
          Promotion: Repost strategy as G+ dies off.

          Likes and reposts

          • Likes and reposts are the easiest promotion method you have.
          • They can promote your blog articles.
          • They can promote ideas you find on the web.
          • They can help build your reputation by showing your judgement.

          If you used G+ for reposting target

          • You need a new vehicle
          • You want to diversify into several vehicles.
          • You want the repost convenience of repost buttons on the source page.