Thursday, October 28, 2010

2013 HELP: Save space with a Holodeck

Save space with a Holodeck 
Like the one in Startrek, The Next Generation
You can have 20 buildings in the same space --  if you only need one at a time. 


This option is probably feasible for many organizations. Want buildings? Put them in a rezzer or a holodeck. Rez them when you need them. When you don't need them, clear the space and use it for something else. 

I have a demo holodeck system that has builds that could fill several sims-- all packed in  a few prims.  See the demo on Cookie estate (click on any of the post-signs): 

Q: Can I put existing builds into a holodeck?
A. Yes, if you own the build and all parts have copy permissions.  You will want to have the parts linked into objects as much as possible, because you will have to handle each object.  You will have to buy a pro level holodeck (about $10. USD) .

Q: Can I have a builder make the build for me?  
A.  Yes.  You could require a holodeck version as part of the build job.  Or (my recommendation) you could have the builder make the build and sell it to you for 0 Lindens.  Then you could put it in your holodeck.

Q: Can I move it or put out a copy?

A.  Yes to both.  The build is packed in a 1 prim crate that you can copy.  You can put that in a basic holodeck (1 prim), which will handle multiple builds  and let people select by menu.  You can  put out multiple basic holodecks.

Q. Can I modify a build after I have made a holodeck version

A. Yes, but you have to make a new version.

If you have more questions, contact Thinkerer Melville or stop by Cookie


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2013 HOBBIES: Model Railroads in Second life: Railroader alert

Railroader alert.  Virtual Railway Consortium
VRC Headquarters
Virtual Reality is a growing option for model railroading.  And for everyone interested in railroads, railways, locomotives, or travel in general.   The  Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC)  is made up of people like that.   Home base for the VRC is Second Life, a large and well developed virtual world.