Sunday, September 6, 2020

2020 OpenSim Fest: Merchants: Art gallery, space craft, sailing equipment, fashion

OpenSim Fest: Merchants:
Art gallery, space craft, 
sailing equipment, fashion

A look at some of the merchant exhibits at OpenSim Fest.
Lunaria Gallery

OSF Merchants

Entry to the merchants region
  • Ahead: a teleporter to another sim
  • We travel fast in virtual worlds
In the merchants region
  • The location board for the merchants region.
Star Wars theme
  • Iwakura systems
Imperial craft

Ocean Engineering
  • Sail boats, sailing equipment
Surf boards and such
Kayaker Magic

Kayaker's sims in Kitely

About items stolen by copybot scripts

OpenSim Fest gift

Sailing ships

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Lunaria gallery

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