Monday, October 14, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: An online school needs a digital campus. Not just for classrooms, but for many of the services currently offered on a physical campus

An online school needs a digital campus.  
Not for classrooms, but for many of the services 
currently offered on a physical campus

A digital campus can look and function much like a physical campus.  It can provide some of the services that could be lost in the shift to digital education.    This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
Universal campus (Kitely)

Where can you get a digital campus?


Benefits of a digital campus

For the institution

  • Promotes the institution as innovator
  • Augments online offerings
  • Supports increased enrollment without increased space costs.
  • Increases the opportunities to interact with parents and alumni.
  • Allows the use of digital assistants at negligible cost.
  • Creates easy meetings between alumni and students

For the faculty member

  • Gets institutional support: Tech help, library services, etc.
  • Let the institution handle class registration, campus access.

For the student

  • The off-campus student enters a digital campus.
  • The digital campus probably looks a a bit like the physical campus.
  • A welcome coach (DTA) offers a tour of the digital campus.
  • A digital welcome coach can be available any time.
  • The digital coach can give answers to common questions.
  • The digital coach shows the location of campus amenities:
  • Library, student commons, private and group study rooms, employment counselor (a digital with live supervision at office hours). 

For the parents

  • The parents can also visit the campus, with the student or alone.
  • (Remember, this is a free trip taking about 20 seconds.) 
  • Parents can talk with the faculty, staff, an alumni.  
  • The school would probably arrange mixers to bring everyone together. 
  • digital refreshments are not good attractions, but schools produce attractions.
  • Music, concerts, dance, theater, edutainment, student products. 
  • Student-based presentations show what students are doing.
  • And give students practice in doing it.

For the alumni

  • Sure they could hang out with friends they met in school.
  • But they can also network with the faculty, staff, and current students.
  • And they can do it easily from a laptop.  At work or at home. 
  • Students will be glad to network with alumni: there may be a job there.


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