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2019 WW: Promo: Cybalounge: Tutorials and suggestions

Tutorials and suggestions

Updated 4/27/2019
Tutorials and other articles to get you started in Cybalounge.  These have all you need to start putting together a web-world to tell visitors about your favorite topic.  That will work best if you set up welcome times when you are personally there to tell them yourself.  
Tutorial walk in my web-world
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Tutorials for building in Cybalounge: contents

  • Managing a Cybalounge world
  • Simple primitives
  • "Scripted" primitives
  • Textured and colored primitives
  • Compound objects
  • Showing web content
  • Inventory management: storing, giving and receiving
  • Collision and physics
  • Collaboration
  • Avatars, animation
  • Persistent interaction with visitors
  • Complete sets for a web show.
  • Managing welcome times, email notification.
  • Chrome search on page: CTRL f opens a search bar upper middle..

Search on page (in Chrome) 

  • Press Ctrl+f, use search bar (upper middle)

Key words for search

  • avatar
  • building
  • collaboration, COLLADA, coloring, combining, communication
  • development
  • entry page
  • drag, drop
  • FAQ, free camera, fly
  • guest
  • handicapped, horizon, HTML page, horizon
  • inventory. import
  • location
  • moving
  • notification
  • object giver
  • primitives, promotion
  • reload, restore
  • save. screen, show, sign, social
  • talk-show, teleport, terrain, texture, trees,  tutorial
  • visibility, visitors
  • web-sender, whiteboard

Why would virtual worlders be interested in Cybalounge?

  • People get to it in a browser, so it can reach potential newcomers.
  • It can offer a limited sample of your virtual world place.
  • You can meet people and help them get into your virtual world.
  • It is a user-built world, like virtual worlds, so building is somewhat familiar. 
  • It uses some of the same resources, such as COLLADA files.
  • You can import things from virtual worlds into web-worlds.
  • You can import OAR files from OpenSim

Turotials for using Cybalounge

  • Building works best in Chrome.
  • If things don't work as expected, reload the page;
  • Reload button: upper left, circling arrow.
  • Click on the scene to get the computer to focus there.
  • The number in parentheses (upper left) is the frame rate.  

Managing a Cybalounge world


Drag and drop building

Import from OpenSim 

Simple primitives

Textured and colored primitives

Compound objects

Show web content


Inventory management: storing, giving and receiving

Collision and physics

Managing multiple worlds: collaboration

Avatars: changing, animating 

Turorials for using Cybalounge

Bring in students

Persistent communication and social interaction with visitors

  • Don't scheduled welcome times tie you down?
  • Not a lot.  You handle it on your computer.  
  • I schedule my welcome times right after lunch.  
  • If no one is there, I can check/answer my email and the news.  
  • I can make phone calls (on Skype) and write on this blog.
  • Those are all routine things I do several times a day anyway.
  • So I had to be at my computer -- I just have to set a time.
  • If someone comes in, I can defer those activities till later.
  • You can set up email notification when people enter:
  • Web-worlds: Cybalounge building: location settings

Tutorials for visibility and promotion


Suggested use cases

Further extension and implications


Visit my web office: My welcome times


Web-worlds in use



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