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2019 EDU: Why I specifically recommend Kitely for hosting a virtual campus (MUVE)

Why I specifically recommend Kitely 
for hosting a virtual campus (MUVE)
A teacher has a classroom.  A school has a campus.  A school has needs that teachers don't have to think about, because the school takes care of them.  Kitely's new Organization service supports the needs of schools better than any other MUVE provider that I know of.  
Universal campus 
for OpenSim

Organizations (virtual grids) provided by Kitely

  • Branded and managed by the school.
  • School controls registration.
  • School controls the login page.
  • School uses Batch registration.
  • School manages access.
  • The school owns (and can sell) the contents it builds.
  • The school runs the campus.  Kitely runs the tech.


The MUVE is branded and managed by the school

  • You don't send students off to another place run by somebody else.
  • Your promotions are about your school.   

The school controls registration for the virtual campus

  • Students and faculty don't register as individuals.
  • The school uses Batch registration to register for them.
  • They a registered in a role that matches the role the have in the school.
  • The role they have in the MUVE determines what they can do there.
  • The school determines who can come into its virtual campus.
  • And where visitors can visit.    

The school controls the login page

  • The login page will make a favorable impression for the school.
  • The page will promote only what the school wants to promote.
  • The page will send people to the place where the are supposed to go.
  • They don't get lost.

The school owns the virtual content it creates 

  • Owns as in possession
  • The school can create and download an OAR file.
  • From an OAR file, an OpenSimulator grid can recreate the original place.
  • The OAR file will contain everything that the school created.
  • And everything that it bought from Kitely Market with export permission.
  • And anything it has in the place with copy-transfer permissions.
  • -
  • Own as in IP rights
  • Kitely makes no claim to ownership or license of content
  • (Other grids may claim a non-exclusive license to content on their system.)
  • Thus the school can market the OAR file with an unencumbered license.

Kitely runs the technical part

  • It is much like leasing a remote campus across town.
  • The owner handles the infrastructure.
  • But this remote campus is across the world.  
  • And the lease cost could be around $1000 a month.  
  • (Compare that to leasing a campus across town.)
  • Kitely's existing grid runs OpenSImulator software with proprietary changes.
  • Kitely hosts organization MUVEs on the same technology.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Eco-friendly and cost-saving: a place not in use does not use a server. 

Universal campus

  • This campus is available in Kitely 
  • And in other places on the Hypergrid
  • Universal Campus (Details)
  • It has a dozen avatars matching people around the world 

More about Kitely offerings

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