Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 EDU: Kitely announces virtual campuses for schools (and other organizations): Virtual worlders would say private grids.

Kitely announces virtual campuses 
for schools (and other organizations):  
Virtual worlders would say private grids. 

Overview of Kitely's new service, virtual private campuses, an arrangement that lets schools and other organizations manage the people in their space as they do in the physical campuses they are accustomed to.

Universal campus
Free template

Your virtual campus

Virtual campuses for real organizations

  • Kitely handles the Building and Grounds work.
  • You run the school or organization.
  • You don't teach people  how to register. You register them (batch registration).
  • You register everyone, using a database or spreadsheet from your own records.
  • You don't teach people how to get a viewer and install it. There's an AP for that.
  • You don't teach people to find their classrooms.  You tell that to system. 
  • You don't send people somewhere else to get into to your campus. 
  • You give them a link that opens an entry screen with your organization's name on it.
  • In short, you manage the school, Kitely manages the details.

Web secrets: search on page

  • Introducing Organizations (Virtual Grids)
  • This is a long page.  Here's how to search it for what you want to know right now.
  • Press Ctrl and f at the same time.
  • Type your search term in the search bat that appears near the top of the page.

Suggested search terms to answer your main questions

  • Starter Organizations 
  • Standard Organizations
  • Create an Organization
  • Management Website
  • Private Virtual Grid
  • Managed Users
  • properties of Managed Users
  • Batch creation
  • Independent Users
  • Default World
  • Adding Worlds
  • Managing Permissions
  • User Groups
  • World Groups
  • External Users and Worlds
  • World Visits
  • Avatars
  • The Setup Kitely Program
  • Kitely Market
  • Just the Beginning
  • Advanced Features
  • Early Bird Offer
  • Stored mode

The account most schools would want

  • The school's supertech (CTO, I hope) has a Kitely account  as School-CTO
  • The account really belongs to the school.
  • The account charges to the school's credit card or Paypal account.
  • The CTO creates a Standard Organization  (100/month)
  • (The Standard Organization costs more, but has features the school will need.)
  • The CTO creates a Default World  to be the school's welcome center.
  • (The Default might be a starter world, but a standard might be useful in time.)
  • The CTO creates a course world for each course to be taught.  
  • Each world gets an access group; people on that group can come to that world. 
  • (Courses in the same subject area might be taught in the same world.)
  • Course worlds can be as big as 1024 X 1024 meters. 
  • Each world costs what it costs in the regular Kitely.

Batch registration (account creation)

  • The CTO creates a spreadsheet from the school's records.  
  • The spreadsheet carries the list of managed users and their details.
  • In particular it tells what group(s) they are assigned to.
  • Group assignment determines what worlds they can access.
  • The CTO creates a CSV file and imports it to Kitely.  
  • (Any CTO knows what a CSV file is.)
  • Kitely creates creates the registration records from the CSV file.
  • The Managed Users need to do nothing.  
  • If the school's records are correct, Kitely's records are correct.
  • In the future, Kitely's system will probably coordinate with Moodle

Costs and details about Kitely worlds

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