Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: #EDU: No quarantine online. Groups can meet in web-worlds with no preparation. Talk, exchange ideas, exchange documents. Exchange almost anything but germs.

No quarantine online.  
Groups can meet in web-worlds with no preparation. 
Talk, exchange ideas, exchange documents. 
Exchange almost anything but germs

School closings, event cancellations, and quarantines point to one of the benefits of online classes, conferences, and work: No contagions.  And no facilities.  Not much of anything but education.
Web-worlds for classes 
  • COVID-19
  • University of Washington closing classrooms due to coronavirus
  • They are going entirely to online classes. 
  • They may be using web-worlds that run in a browser. 
  • No preparation needed if all they do is talk and give out web links
  • There are already free classrooms where people can do that.
  • Free?  Sure--you don't  have to register.  Log in as a guest.
  • Regular classes would probably want more than this, but it is good for a test.
  • Below:
  • Viewpoints: Professor, student, management
  • 3D web-worlds. I am usually in both at my lunch time (12 pm Central)
  • See below for details.  Drop in for a chat.


Professor's viewpoint

  • No studio needed--the studio is in your laptop.
  • No makeup--you get an avatar to represent you.
  • No handouts--all the "printed" material is on the web.
  • Few "lectures"--you make a video of any lecture and post it.
  • No commute--30 seconds to the classroom, from your living room.
  • Few questions--you have a FAQ page frequent questions.
  • No germs--only what you bring with you.

Student viewpoint

  • No commute-30 second to class on your laptop.
  • No note-taking--you save all text conversations for review.
  • Few questions--you have a FAQ page with frequent questions.
  • Come as you are--you have a neatly-dressed avatar representing you.
  • You can go to class in bed if you want to.
  • No hassle from other students--If they bother you, block them.

    Management viewpoint

    • You need not even think about epidemics.
    • You don't have any buildings to sanitize.
    • You don't have any buildings to clean and secure.
    • Nobody gets raped on a virtual campus.  
    • Nobody needs to park on a virtual campus.

    3d web-worlds


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