Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2013 2ndHELP: Save prims and space: rezzers and holodecks -- tutorial

Rezzers and holodecks -- tutorial 2012

Key Concepts
Rez (v. t.)-- To produce a virtual object from an object in your inventory.. (An object with the proper contents can also rez.)
Rezzer script: a script that rezzes objects. In use, this function needs the name of the object to be rezzed and the position, relative to the rezzer.  
Rezzer: a prim containing a rezzer script and the object or objects to be rezzed
Die script:  A script that causes the object containing it to derez in response to a triggering event. In this discussion, I will be talking about die scripts that are triggred by a timer.
Holodeck system (as used here) A system that appears to produce the same effects as those seen in Startrek, the Next Generation. That is, a prepared 3D scene with multiple objects appears on command,and is replaced or made to vanish on command. While the scene is present, people can interact with it just as they would with an ordinary scene in the virtual reality environment.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

2013 2ndHELP: Art gallery in holodeck-- Tutorial

Art gallery in holodeck-- Tutorial  
Objects to be sold.
Gallery where you want to display/sell the objects
Horizons Holodeck
The holodeck I use and can recommend is Horizons. All descriptions in this article apply to the Horizons Holodeck. Other holodecks may be similar.

Monday, November 15, 2010

2013 2ndHELP: Art Gallery in a holodeck, save prims, save space

A parable of problem solving 
in the virtual village
  • Problem: An art Gallery in Second Life has many more objects to sell than it can display within its prim allocation.
  • Standard solution: Get more space. (Thinking inside the box)
  • Yes, but… Space costs money.  The extra overhead can easily eat up the profits. 
  • Whys Guys:  Why do we need more space?
  • To display more art pieces. 
  • Whys Guys:  Why does it take space to display more art pieces?
  • Because each art piece takes up an amount of space. 
There’s the box!  An assumption carried over from physical reality.  In physical reality each art piece does take up space.  Not so in virtual reality. The art piece takes up space--and  prims--when it is rezzed for someone to see it.  If no one is looking, it does not have to take up space, or prims. 
 Ignorance ain’t so much not knowing things as knowing so many things that ain’t so.