Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: BIZ: Want a digital campus for your school? There's an app for that. Actually several. Here are some on RezMela Apps (Kitely grid)

Want a digital campus for your school?  
There's an app for that.  Actually several.   
Here are some on Kitely grid.

A Kitely region showing the use of several Rezmela Apps to build spaces with no need to know much about building in virtual worlds.

An app-built place

  • Not just the building. The trees and shrubs, everything.
  • You still have to decide what you want. 
  • And tell that to the app.
  • But you don't have to learn to build.

Go there


The building that app built
Backup your work
  • You know that when something ruins your work it will be when you don't have a backup.
  • That's because if you have a backup, you won't notice a problem.
  • And if backup it easy, you won't think of it as too much trouble.
A three apps
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  • .A HUD (Heads-Up Display) is a control panel that appears on your screen.
  • It carries instructions and takes orders from you to the app.
  • The three apps are: 
  • The Region App, the OctoBuilding App and the Elmwood App.
Decorate the set
  • An empty plain is--well, plain.
  • This app lets you give it a more natural look.
The Region App enables empty regions to be quickly set up from scratch via an easy-to-use HUD. It has powerful "climate controls" that can change terrain and sea levels, sun time, and wind direction, all of which can be saved and re-loaded at will. Sim surrounds and region bases can be selected from the HUD and placed precisely and accurately by simply clicking on the App base.
The Elmwood App adds landscaping details to the region bases, for spring/summer, autumn and winter scenes. Using the "Random" setting on the HUD enables a rapid and more natural-looking planting of trees and grasses. This App features landforms, trees and grasses made by Ozwell Wayfarer (used by permission). 
You type in signs with this panel
  • The old way took several steps.
  • Making and  importing an image.
  • This way you type in a sign when you need it.
The OctoBuilding App
The OctoBuilding App creates buildings from a set of modular rooms based on octagons and squares. Once the seed room is placed on the App base, all other rooms are added by clicking on the sides and top of previously placed rooms. Individual rooms can be selected by a "long-click", then repositioned, or resized and rotated, or cloned via buttons on the HUD. Textures in the building are by Gully Rivers of Aethis Creations.

Create sky platforms

  • Sky platforms allow several meetings at the same time without bothering each other.
  • You put them at different altitudes. 



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