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2019 WW: EDU: Cybalounge web classroom (model). Any instructor could have a classroom to modify as needed

Cybalounge web classroom (model).  
Any instructor could have 
a classroom to modify as needed
CybaLOUNGE, a 3D place running in a browser.  announces a model classroom available to instructors who are using CybaLOUNGE  for instruction.  Here I point out the resources available in the model classroom.
 CybaLOUNGE classroom 

  • A conventional classroom here (classic style).
  • A familiar appearance for a novel environment.  
  • I would rearrange it to be student-centered rather than teacher-centered.
  • But that would only be a matter of moving the desks and chairs.
  • I would have all the things I would expect to use in teaching a class.   
  • But I would not be stuck in a specific place.   
  • I would not use a fifty-minute class. I would give lectures in smaller units.
  • I could teach students wherever they were.    
  • I might teach a specific subject to an entire school district 
  • Or to all the junior colleges in the city.  
  • Or to disabled students who could not travel to school. 
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary


Resources in the classroom

Notice board

Text Link (to the text book)

  • The text book is on the web, of course.  
  • Maybe written or assembled by the instructor.
  • That would be very likely in the case of a college class.
  • The book on the desk is a web link for the student to save.
  • The student can then access the text directly.   

Video screen

  • The screen can play videos on YouTube.
  • The instructor brings in the video by drag-and-drop on the screen.
  • The instructor would also give links in the text to all relevant videos.
  • Presenting videos in class would only be done in preparing for class discussion.

Class links 

The chalkboard can be shared 
  • If set to public, the chalkboard is open to any student.
  • Thus student work can be seen by the entire class.
  • The special window is opened by a click on the board.

Student and group project materials

  • Some of this material might be open to the rest of the class.
  • Especially if it could serve as an example of very good work.

How would I use the classroom?

  • Not to give lectures.  
  • If I were going to give a lecture, I would do it in a place full of relevant things.
  • For abnormal psychology I would use art (The scream) and paintings by patients.
  • I would also show MRI scans illustrating known abnormal conditions.
  • In the old days I would have had to use slide shows.
  • But a slide is on and gone.  
  • I would build a place to display the images 24/7.  
  • So my students could study whenever they wanted to.
  • And I would not do a lecture but once.  
  • I would capture that on video and make it available in the classroom 24/7.
  • The classroom would serve the students as a base camp.
  • They could go there to find relevant materials for review.
  • And to have project meetings or to see what other groups were reporting.
  • And to meet with me--I would have office hours there.  
  • Because the classroom is on the web, I could  have flexible hours.
  • The students might give project reports there.  
  • No need have the whole class there for the report.  I would get video and post it. 
  • The video would be available for students to include in their personal portfolios.

Possible future integrations 

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