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2019 #VWEDU: Bring the virtual campus into the school: Kitely custom viewer login page

Bring the virtual campus into the school: 
Kitely custom viewer login page 

Every virtual world has a entry page: a flat web page that gets the users grid identity information and displays promotions, and announcements,  Schools do not like to send their students to a web page that is promoting games, adult content, or sexy clothes.   They would rather send their students to a page that carries announcements and promotion for the school.  Now, in Kitely, they can
The Empty Classroom
  • Custom Viewer Login Page (Kitely)
  • The Viewer Login Page appears in Firestorm when you select a  destination grid .
  • Kitely Organizations are virtual grids, and so each has a Viewer Login Page.
  • The main function of the login page is to let authorized users sign into the grid with name and password.
  • Can Kitely handle several thousand students?
  • Sure.. They would be spread over many regions, just as they are spread over many classrooms.  

What is a login page, what is it for?

A login page is not the main public-facing page for a school

  • The main pubic-facing page is for visitors who know nothing about the school.
  • It has promotional content about school offerings and links to more information.
  • A school already has a main public-facing page.

A login page is the gate to a controlled access area of school offerings.

  • Often a login page has a second purpose: Display news and promotion to users.
  • A page that takes (and validates) names and passwords will do for the main purpose.  
  • But all users see this page on coming in, so the second purpose can be valuable.

What does the Kitely login screen show?

  • It shows which public regions most recently had someone in them.
  • It also shows upcoming events on the Kitely calendar.
  • These are items most likely to be of interest to users entering Kitely,
  • The login screen also shows recent postings on Kitely market and posts on the Kitely forum

What is the Kitely organizations service?

What might a school put in its customized login page? 

  • Its own upcoming events. Perhaps split into educational events and social events
  • Scheduled student meetings and help times, scheduled tests, school news.  
  • It could carry links to pages on the school web-site. 
  • In other worlds, the login page is about the school, not about a grid.

Suggestions for planning a customized login screen


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