Saturday, September 12, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: Fall safety (1) : Signature Safety: Training and teaching in digital worlds

Fall safety (1): 
Signature Safety: 
Training in digital worlds

A video interview with people in a safety consulting firm showing the advantages offered by scene simulations in a virtual world, such as Kitely.  Simulated environments offer high potential for students to learn about careers and to begin learning the skills that they will need to enter that career.       
Signature Safety is a full-service environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting firm with offices located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our clients span the spectrum of industries, from warehousing and distribution facilities to construction managers; from manufacturing to maintenance contractors; from municipal governments to construction subcontractors.

A digital facility like this could also be used for teaching



    Digital teaching

    Video production in virtual worlds


    Career training


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