Saturday, June 29, 2019

2019 #VWEDU A digital campus needs a digital library. What would be in a digital library?

A digital campus needs a digital library.  
What would be in a digital library?

Preliminary ideas for a digital  library on a digital campus, with an invitation to add your own ideas.  
 RUC library in Second Life

RUC library interior

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  • In Second Life put the SLurl below in the address (top) bar of the viewer, press Enter

What do we need in a digital library?

What services would we carry over from the past?

  • Curation to ensure that authoritative resources merited that credibility. 
  • A card catalog and other indexes to find the information sources we needed.
  • Subscriptions to give us access to scholarly journals.
  • Live help from librarians for finding sources we could not find with standard help.
  • Conference rooms for student collaboration  meetings.

What new services would we expect from an online library?

What do we do without in a digital library?

  • A physical building, utilities, maintenance, security.
  • Physical collections.   
  • Those costs can go into education and services.

Does each school need its own library?

  • Of course not.  A web-based library can be everywhere at once.
  • A virtual world campus would probably have its own virtual library.
  • Because that would make it easier for students to find the library.
  • But the library would draw on the same resources as other school libraries.
  • (A generally available digital school library might get grant funding.)

RUC library interior


Help us design a digital library

  • What other needs do you see for an online digital library?
  • Please respond in a notecard to 
  • Selby Evans (in Kitely) or
  • Thinkerer Melville (in Second Life)  
  • Or add a comment to this blog article.  
  • Or drop by and talk with me about it (See my web office hours below).
  • (You do not have to identify yourself or your project.)

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