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2018 EDU: BIZ: Kitely will offer private grids with dedicated login pages

Kitely will offer private grids  
with dedicated login pages

Kitely: educator friendly and eco-friendly.   Organizations can get their own private grid using Kitely's eco-friendly and reliable technology.  (Kitely worlds are not running on a server when no one is in them. )  
Kitely arrival point
"We'll be adding the ability to host Virtual Private Grids on top of Kitely so that organizations will be able to control what their users do and who they can interact with. This will include having dedicated viewer login pages for the organizations using this new offering.  We expect this feature to be ready by September 1st."   Ilan Tochner in Kitely forum
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What is the added value?

  • The organization controls who can come into the grid.
  • The organization controls the entry page and thus what students see at login.
  • No one can enter without authorization.
  • The organization determines what users, if any, can travel the hypergrid
  • A school would probably not let students use hypergrid, but might let faculty do so.
  • Most of these controls are already provided by Kitely.
  • But in a private grid they are managed by the organization. 
  • Managers have more confidence in what they directly control.

Marketing and promotion benefits for the organization

  • The grid carries the name of the organization.  That promotes the organization.
  • A news story about adult activities in Kitely does not connect to the organization.
  • "The grid for students, not for gamers."
  • The entry landing page is controlled by the organization.
  • Nothing that might offend its clients can appear on the landing page.
  • The organization can use the landing page to promote its own interests.

Instructional benefits 

  • The inworld arrival point is designed and set by the organization.
  • Students can arrive at the place built for their instruction.
  • The arrival point can carry just the instruction students need in this place.
  • Available helpers can be people able to help the students.

Kitely market could have a section for students and education

  • A G-rated section, the only part available to G-rated places
  • Kitely market already has 100 items related to education.
  • And 777 items related to games (which may be educational).
  • Educational grids would create more demand for educational products.


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