Monday, September 21, 2020

2020 Biz: Trade show: could that be done online? A digital place could duplicate the look and feel of a trade show

Trade show: could that be done online?  
A digital place could replicate the look and feel of a trade show.

Trade shows are difficult in a pandemic.  Online trade shows can be done in digital places at lower cost and with no health risk. How would they work?

  • 80 Bots in Kitely Welcome Center
  • Vendors would love to see their area of a trade show that busy.  
  • You could add an audio of crowd sound if you wanted.  
  • Conveniently, the area manager could adjust the sound as needed.

A vendor gets more than just a table and chairs

  • As a vendor you probably get you own private display room.
  • You could simulate the place where the product is used.  
  • Perhaps have a bot actively simulate the use of the product.
  • Small products might be enlarged for clarity of the demonstration.
  • A room has 4 walls for displaying things:
  • People teleport to your display room from the welcome area and other key spots
  • Posters and marketing videos of the product in use. 
  • You have the entire company web site available with a click.
  • And video conferences with company representatives who are not onsite. 
  • Onboarding support after the break

Kitely improves performance for large events

What will affect traffic to an online trade show?


  • Easy, safe access.  
  • No travel cost, no travel time, no pandemic risk.
  • See and evaluate new products.
  • Network with others in the business.
  • Little chance to party (advantage from business view).
  • Easy hands-on evaluation for digital products.
  • Easy networking: Everyone there has a profile.
  • You can find them in search, by name or by interest.


  • It is not Las Vegas.  
  • No hands-on product evaluation for physical products.

Onboarding support

Basic user skills

Travel skills

Networking skills

Reporter skills

Videographer skills


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