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2019 #DTA: #VWEDU: What would a virtual campus do with classrooms? They could be a secure home base in a familiar environment.

What would a virtual campus do with classrooms?
They could be a secure home base in a familiar environment.

To serve as home base for students and teachers, providing the services needed for a organized class. 
Not much needed in a digital class
  • But digital places cost so little, any class could have one.
  • And it would be useful sometimes.

Reasons to have classrooms on a virtual campus

  • Provide:
  • isolated locations for a class
  • a home base for students in a familiar environment 
  • a place for students to confer with the teacher.
  • a place for students to hold collaborative planning meetings.
  • a place for students to deposit completed work and see completed work of others.
  • a place for students to pick up class assignments and confer about them.
  • a place to confer with the DTA about ongoing activities and upcoming deadlines.
  • a place for team teachers too confer with each other or with students

Installed virtual worlds easily provide isolated locations

  • In an installed virtual world, areas can be set off as separated parcels.
  • A parcel can have its own access, use, and communication settings.
  • In setting up a virtual campus, a school would create parcels for each class.
  • The school would probably create a classroom in the parcel.
  • In the language of virtual worlds, a class would be a group.
  • Everyone who should have access to the classroom would be in the group.
  • That assignment would probably be made by batch registration.  
  • New educational term: Batch Registration: for schools and organizations in virtual worlds
  • Why I specifically recommend Kitely for hosting a virtual campus (MUVE)
  • The parcel would be set so that sounds from nearby parcels would be excluded
  • And sounds from the class parcel could not be heard elsewhere.
  • In a web world, each class room would probably be a separate web page.

A classroom need not be a single room of the old style

  • Digital space costs little.
  • Once a digital room is created, it can be duplicated at negligible cost.
  • A class parcel could have a teacher-centered room if desired.
  • There would also be space for a teacher's office and group meeting rooms.
  • Even for multiple offices for team teachers.
  • The teacher-centered room would probably be used for reports.
  • Project-based and inquiry-based learning would probably produce reports.
  • Reports traditionally have someone standing in front of a a group, talking.
  • You need a front-oriented classroom for that, probably with a slide-show service.
  • A student-centered room might have places for groups to work together.
  • Those places could be sound-isolated so several groups could work at class time.

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