Monday, September 14, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: VWBPE: Virtual Worlds and Social Justice: An Impact and Civic Engagement Agenda.

Virtual Worlds and Social Justice: 
An Impact and Civic Engagement Agenda
Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Eduction
The current public health crisis has  brought about a rapid ‘revolution’ that many commentators have been evangelising about for some time. In many cases however it has resulted in a form of ‘remote teaching’, not online pedagogy. Indeed, a key question for all of us in education once this crisis is ‘over’, what will be the legacy of this ‘exodus to online education?’ 

Introduction: Heike Philp / Gwen Gwasi

Michael Thomas is a Professor of Education with a focus on digital learning, social justice, social mobility and the student experience. I’m a Principal Fellow of the HEA and hold two PhDs, one from the Newcastle University and a second from Lancaster University. He has studied for an MBA in Educational Management at the University of Leicester, M.Ed at Manchester University, an MA at Newcastle University and change leadership at Cornell University. He has worked at eight universities in Germany, Japan and the UK, from ancient, to Russell Group to modern, and led large, multinational research groups and project teams.

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

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              Advantages of online education

              • No buildings needed.
              • No transportation needed
              • A wide selection of instructional methods can be available to any student.
              • Some instruction can be handled by software at very low cost.

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