Sunday, September 30, 2018

2018 COMEDY: VIDEO: Sept: Lauren's place, Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific

Sept: Lauren's place, 
Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific

  • September collection of comedy from Lauren's place:  WyNott,  Catboy, Randy, Synnove, Selby

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      Saturday, September 29, 2018

      2018 EDU: NERDs of the north: Nerd is a four-letter word with a six-figure salary. Kitely virtual site

      NERDs of the north:   
      Nerd is a four-letter word 
      with a six-figure salary

      NERDs are welcome in OpenSim.   Here a group of self-confessed NERDs moves into Kitely with an educational world (under development).   

      OpenSim Welcomes NERDs 

      • Some of us were NERDs before NERDing was cool.  
      • Actually, it was NERDs and ex-NERDs that built and are building OpenSim. 

      Go there

      • Dimond High Biology and Engineering VR Lab 
      • Closed to HG.  In Kitely: 
      • hop://
      • Web link
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      Friday, September 28, 2018

      2018 EDU: Reinventing school for the Tech Generations. Virtual libraries on the web.

      Reinventing school for 
      the Tech Generations
      Online instruction can cut the cost of learning, fit instructional methods to the needs of students,  provide increased experience in collaborative work, provide assistance to local teachers, and offer a wider range of instructional content.  Here are some ways to start that.

      The modern school
      The empty classroom

      If students re-imagined school...

      • If students re-imagined school, this is what it would look like--
      • from by Mary Kenkel    
      • Cater to all types of learning. 
      • Measure mastery by-products: presentations, portfolios, essays, projects.
      • Expose students to career opportunities. 
      • Put students in charge of their own learning. 
      • Use technology as a tool to enhance learning.  
      • Allow for learning throughout the community (beyond the classroom)
      • Allow for learning at a time that suits the student.
      • Build personalized learning for all students, regardless of zip code or ability. 
      • Create different levels of mastery for each subject. 
      • Get rid of traditional grade levels based on age.
      • Provide learning guides and coaches to help students throughout the system.
      • Tailor learning to students’ interests. 

      "We can't afford to do all that"

      • Of course not. So you look for web-based resources.
      • Web-based resources can spread the cost over a large number of users.
      • You buy just the support you need.  You get just the expertize you need.  
      • You let your teachers do what they do best: face-to-face help for students who need it.
      • You put the rest of the load on web-based Teacher's Assistants 
      • Web TAs have the specialized training and resources needed for their specific tasks.
      • Why high schools teach tolerance for boredom and what they can do about it.

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      Tuesday, September 25, 2018

      2018 ART: The ZEROG SkyDance performance company. What would virtual worlds performing art look like?

      The ZEROG SkyDance performance company.  
      What would virtual worlds performing art look like?

      Zero Gravity dance in a virtual world.  Performance art in virtual worlds. 

      • Watch on Youtube SkyDance 1
      • SkyDance 1 was performed live for: 
      • the 2006 International Symposium for Electronic Arts, 
      • the first ZERO1 Biennial in San Jose California and 
      • the Bumbershoots Festival in Seattle. 
      The ZEROG SkyDance performance company was born in June of 2006 as an experiment asking the question: What would a virtual worlds performing art look like, and would it be interesting? A growing audience was already in Second Life dressed up and looking for interesting experiences. --DC Spensley


      • Kokoro Fasching
      • Deborah Strangelove
      • Anhinga Chaika
      • Kumi Kuhr
      • Original score by: Mick Mahoney remixed by DC Spensley
      • Standard definition machinima by: Tao Takahashi and InKenzo
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      Monday, September 24, 2018

      2018 WW: HG: 3D Web-world on your web page: Bringing OpenSim and web-worlds together

      3D web-world on your web page.   
      Bringing OpenSim and 
      web-worlds together  

      Suggestions on how to embed a web-world on your web page.   OpenSim grids and communities may want to consider this option as a way of attracting and onboarding new people into their virtual worlds.
      • Click the white circle under your choice of avatar.
      • Type in your preferred nickname.
      • Click the enter button.
      • Press the key to move forward, the and keys to move to the side.
      • If there is someone to talk to, you can click the mic button to talk to them.
      • I have office hours there.  Look for them after the break.
      • Voice (and possibly some other things) may not work in some browsers.  
      • We find that Chrome generally works best (to the surprise of no one).
      • This should always work:  CybaLOUNGE


      Sunday, September 23, 2018

      2018 WW: EDU:VWMOOC18 August 29th A Visit to A Web-based Virtual World

      VWMOOC18 August 29th 
      A Visit to A Web-based 
      Virtual World

      Selby Evans hosted a visit to a web-based world where he and the developer Dieter Heyne talked to us about the affordances of the world for educators and covered the new features and expansion of public worlds available since last year.


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      Saturday, September 22, 2018

      2016 HELP: Running a big region in OpenSim. Lagbusters

      Running a big region in OpenSim
      OpenSim allows Varregons much larger than the old standard of 256X256 meters.  Kitely offers 1012X1012m.  (1012 m. is about .6 mile.)  Other places may offer even bigger regions. These are still running on one server, though, so they don't have a corresponding increase in prim or avatar capacity.  (Kitely Advaced Worlds have a substantial increase, but not enough to fill the area.)   Here  are some suggestions for building and operating such a region for public use.
      Walkin TPs at Cookie II entry point

      • The standard arrival point is at 128,128 in the southwest corner.
      • Best take that and work with it.  
      • A big region is too large to expect people to find places without help.  
      • Walkin TP's are a good way to get visitors to their destinations.
      • If the walkins at Cookie II entry point are not free to copy, 
      • go to the Hobo Sandbox entry and take a copy of the Thinkerer box there.
      • Phantoms are good for your virtual world
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      Friday, September 21, 2018

      2018 EDU: WW: Education is certification too: Micro-credentials

      Education is certification too:   
      Updated 5/22/2019

      Self-directed learning is good enough to improve your skills.  But part of the value in learning lies in reputation.  Employers often want certification.  Is there any way to get that?   
      The Empty Classroom

      How do you get certified? 

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