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2020 #VWEDU: #DTA: BIZ: The coming digital campus. Access management. Public and controlled access. Campus security without campus police.

The coming digital campus.  
Access management.  
Public and controlled access. 
Campus security without campus police.
A consideration of access that will be needed in an online campus and what is currently available.  A digital campus can offer much greater control of access than is practical in a physical campus.  This article is specifically declared Public Domain (CC0).
Universal campus (Kitely)

Access management?

  • Public-facing places that anyone can go to without preparation.
  • Campus-facing places: access limited to specific kinds of people,
  • Registration-facing places: access limited to faculty and students in a course.
  • Private places with access controlled by school staff.   

Kinds of people on campus

  • The general public: Anyone who finds the school on the internet 
  • The "local" public: Town and Gown
  • Commercial supporters: Companies that contribute to the school
  • Alumni and other potential supporters
  • Faculty
  • Invited experts
  • Potential students and their parents
  • Students registered for specific courses


Public-facing places

A meeting in a web-world

Campus-facing places

  • These can be web-worlds or installed digital worlds.
  • They are open to registered students, faculty, and staff.   
  • Many are also open to people with a VIP status.
  • VIP status is given to supporters, alumni, and others.
  • VIP areas mostly are commons areas where different kinds of people can meet.
  • Some identification (such as password) is needed to enter the digital campus. 
  • But no identification would be needed for access to campus-facing places.

Installed digital worlds?

Universal campus (Kitely)
on and installed digital world
  • These allow large areas with multiple buildings and detailed access control.
  • That would look much like a conventional campus.
  • They require users have a computer and to install software on it.  
  • They can accommodate multiple classrooms with individually restricted access.
  •  And could have a commons area where students could gather socially.
  • Scholls are (and need to be) places of social learning.

Registration-facing places

  • These are classrooms or other places assigned to classes.  
  • Access is generally limited to faculty and students registered in the class.
  • Access is by assignment to groups by batch registration.  
  • The school assigns group membership from its own student records.
  • Thus students can only enter their assigned places.
  • This arrangement is available in Kitely Organizations and web-worlds.
  • Access is controlled for each parcel, which might hold a single classroom.
  • Access to a parcel comes from membership in a group, which could correspond to the class.

Private places

  • Faculty offices.
  • Medical counsellor offices.
  • Vocational counsellor offices. 
  • Student group offices.
  • Access is by membership in a controlling group or by invitation from a member.

Why digital instead of virtual ?

  • Virtual: first and older definition (Merriam-Webster):
  • Being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted.
  • If a school has a digital campus it can be formally recognized.
  • The entry to the digital campus should be right there on the school's web site.
  • And the school should be providing the services expected on a school campus:
  • Librarycareer counsellingschool news media, etc.
  • -
  • Besides, virtual is strongly associated with games.
  • And even with some unsavory publicity:
  • Can you put a high school next to a porno place? Not even in a virtual world. But there are solutions
  • -
  • Then, too, everyone knows that we are in the digital century.  
  • 21st century skills are digital skills to fill digital jobs.
  • Any forward-looking school needs to prepare students for digital jobs.
  • Every school needs a digital focus, even if it is still a brick-and-mortar campus.
  • A digital campus better expresses that focus than does a set of old buildings.
  • Parents and students want more than a virtual education, but how about a digital education?

  • Finally, digital includes more than virtual.  
  • 3D worlds can serve many educator needs, but not all. 
  • And there is a large body of digital content available on the flat web.
  • There is no reason to abandon existing content that still serves education. 

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