Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 EDU: WRITE: Interactive writing: Guide your readers

Interactive writing:   
Guide your readers  

Write Interactively?  Don't you need a web page for interaction?  No.   All effective writing is interaction.  Fiction gets a reader to imagine the scene. Informative writing gets a reader to want the information before it is given. Instruction gets a reader to figure out part of an answer before the writing delivers it. Stimulate curiosity.  That is one of the standard writing devices to get readers to finish what they begin.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

2018 PEOPLE: Facebook offers much the same things as G+. For those willing to use it.

Facebook offers much 
the same services as G+.  
For those willing to use it.

Report on Facebook as social media support to replace G+ for users of  OpenSim.

Key buttons on FB home page
Click image to enlarge

What it offers to MUVErs

  • Huge audience can access your post.
  • You can join or form groups.
  • Repost buttons on articles make easy reposting.
  • You can use reposting to save articles you may want to share or use. 


  • Most of that huge audience is probably not in your target market.
  • With so many posts it is hard to get your post noticed, 
  • Educators and other professionals may not want to be seen in that neighborhood.
  • You may get booted if you use a fake name, especially if it looks fake.

Possible services

  • Host for reposting: Excellent
  • Outreach: Fair to good, depending on the use of groups
  • Event promotion:  Poor to fair, depending on the use of groups.
  • Ingroup communication:  Poor

Saturday, December 8, 2018

2018 HEAD: WRITE: How language shapes the way we think

How language shapes the way we think
There are about 7,000 languages spoken around the world -- and they all have different sounds, vocabularies and structures. But do they shape the way we think?

Friday, December 7, 2018

2018 PEOPLE: ART: From The Ashes Of AvatarFest, Opensim Fest Rises

From The Ashes Of AvatarFest, 
Opensim Fest Rises
 AvatarFest has been a creative effort which has celebrated the people of Open Sim for years, and AvatarFest 2018 was it's final year. In the spirit of this incredible yearly festival, OpenSim Fest begins with our first festival starting in March 2019.

What can YOU do to be a part of OpenSim Fest 2019?

You can come by and visit us at Expo region 5/Booth number 26 at this years OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC 2018) if you would like to ask us any questions or sign up as an contributor to Opensim Fest.

Or contact 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

2918 MUVE: MUVE (virtual world) weekly update 12/6/2018

MUVE (virtual world) weekly update 12/6/2018
Updated 12/10/2018

A collection of news items and links relevant to this blog.  This is experimental and, for now, will be posted on Thursdays (so as not to interfere with the existing schedule).  Some of the links are often wanted and will be recurrent.  Others may be retained a few weeks.  New items will be added daily.

G+ replacement plan:  

  • I have been posting news items relevant to this blog on my G+ timeline. 
  • Now I will post them on my MUVE weekly update page.  
  • I will update the recent page daily.  
  • The MUVE update will also carry persistent links to MUVE-related websites
  • And carry some MUVE-related tips, like MUVE means "virtual worlds".
  • Multi-User Virtual Environment, a term used by researchers.


  • Search on the page:  Ctrl+f (type in the search bar, top of the page)
  • My timeline on Twitter
  • MUVE News
  • Open simulator projects
  • Events
  • Support the supporters
  • Hypergrid places
  • G+ replacement
  • Living online
  • Modern education 
  • MUVE writers
  • Promotion (general)
  • Radio in the virtual worlds
  • Videos from virtual worlds
  • Web-worlds
  • News sources
  • Grid promotion
  • Search on page: Ctrl f gets search bar 
  • G+ communities are not included because G+ is closing.
  • Tags: web-world, socialmedia,  virtualworld, MUVEvirtual, hypergrid, interactivestory 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

2018 COMEDY: VID: November: Lauren's place, Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific

November: Lauren's place, 
Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific

November collection of comedy from Lauren's place: High Tech, WyNott,  Catboy, Randy, Synnove, Selby 


      Monday, December 3, 2018

      2018 PEOPLE: PROMO: Visit Littlefield Grid's Christmas Island!! Open Now!!

      Visit Littlefield Grid's Christmas Island!! Open Now!!

      Promotional video from Littlefield grid, and good promotional features on the landing page.

      Go there 

      • HG address:
      • hg: Island
      • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the world map, click FindTP  
      • On the web: Littlefield grid

      Sunday, December 2, 2018

      2018 WRT: MUVE: VIDEO: "The last werewolf in Blanken" A writer's workshop in 3D

      "The last werewolf in Blanken"  A writer's workshop in 3D

      A video about a workshop for writers being developed in 3D MUVEs of OpenSimulator.  People with access to the hypergrid can visit the MUVE.  Anyone with access to the internet can visit another version being developed as a web page running in a browser.

      Video captured at Nara's Nook 

      • Go there via the Hypergrid:  :
      • Manor
      • Nara's Nook grid:
      • A similar MUVE is under development for access in a browser.
      • That development is a little behind the MUVE at Nara's Nook
      • You can visit the browser version: 3DWebWorldz 
      • look on the menu under "writers", go to Writers Swamp.
      • The region name, Dark Manor, is not connected with The Dark Manor Haunted House

      Credits: video and story

      • MUVE file (OpenSim OAR): Linda Kellie
      • Imported, adapted and hosted:  Nara Nook
      • Story:  Selby Evans, Talia Sunsong, Nathan Adored
      • Video performers: Talia Sunsong, Selby Evans, Nathan Adored
      • Note: the child avatar is operated by an adult.
      • Video capture, editing, and publication:  Selby Evans
      • Video captured at Nara's Nook, Dark Manor MUVE (sim)

      Saturday, December 1, 2018

      2018 EDU: The Dickens Project: Seanchai Library

      The Dickens Project: Seanchai Library

      Seanchai Library brings you The Dickens Project 2018. MUVE, Social 3D
      The Dickens project
      Second Life – The Dickens Project celebrates its sixth year in Second Life with a return to Linden Endowment for the Arts Region 7, where the annual celebration of Charles Dickens' seminal work first was realized in full region form a year ago. Offering four weeks of exploration, storytelling, music, dance, a new "Urchins in Dickens London" experience, this Second Life holiday tradition will be open to residents November 30th, through December 30th.

      Go there:

      • December 23, 2018 NOON (Pacific time) the BIG READ
      The Dickens Project is produced by Seanchai Library (Shawn-a-kee, which means "Storyteller" in Irish), which was founded in March of 2008 in Second Life. Thousands of stories, and hundreds of authors later, the program remains dedicated to promoting the power of stories to transform and inspire through live voice presentations: "We bring stories of all kinds to life, in Second Life."

      Friday, November 30, 2018

      2018 PEOPLE: HG: Social Media: Discord may meet some OpenSim needs.

      Social Media:  Discord may meet 
      some OpenSim (MUVEr) needs.

      What Discord can do to replace G+ services.


      Discord--Free Voice and Text Chat for Gamers

      Discord attributes

      • Ephemeral: messages not easily found after a  few days
      • Serves ingroup communication
      • Organized as a collection of communities.
      • Works well for informal community discussions.
      • Supports voice
      • Discord is already in use among opensimmers and is considered useful.

      Who would be interested in Discord

      • Working groups collaborating on a project. 
      • Reporters and publicists focussing on a particular topic. 
      • Close-knit community needing support for informal chat.