Monday, June 24, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: BIZ: The entrepreneurial educator: Build a portfolio, Promote your work

The entrepreneurial educator
Build a portfolio. 
Promote your work.

Educators:  Low salaries from educational institutions do not have to mean low income for educators.   There are many online opportunities for additional income related to teaching and supporting learning. 
The Empty Classroom

Professional educator?


    What entrepreneurial educators do

    • Build and publicize your skills
    • Look for ways to market your skills.

    Sunday, June 23, 2019

    2019 Stories: Seanchai Library: A land of pirates, dragons, krakens, volcanoes, and imagination

    Seanchai Library: A land of
     pirates, dragons, krakens, 
    volcanoes, and imagination

    The Seanchai ("Storyteller" in Irish) library celebrates the Celtic tradition of stories told around the hearth or in the pub to friends, family, and welcomed strangers. The Seanchai Library brings stories of all kinds to life in your Virtual Life.
    The story worlds 
    of Seanchai Library

      Saturday, June 22, 2019

      2019 #VWEDU: Localized Learning Communities in Virtual Worlds--Thanks to Beth Ghostraven

      Localized  Learning Communities  
      in Virtual Worlds--
      Thanks to Beth Ghostraven

      Localized:  In gridspeak that means limited to one grid.  In OpenSim the community would be accessible on the Hypergrid.  (Here I am ignoring isolated communities on private grids.)  These communities may want to connect with some of the web-based communities to develop a longer reach. 

      • The calendar above carries events of multiple educator groups in virtual worlds.
      • If your educational events are not there, why not put them there?

      Friday, June 21, 2019

      2019 WRITE: Confluence1: A conversation with Aeschylus. Space travel, time travel in the MUVEs

      Confluence1: A conversation with Aeschylus.  
      Space travel, time travel in the MUVEs 

      Confluence is an alien world, with desert landscapes dominated by odd lifeforms in the sky and on the land.  A small base is being established to investigate it, and the odd ruins dotted here and there across the landscape.  Far above the planet, the long-haul ship Aeschylus orbits, deploying landers to supply the base and bring specimens to its labs and holds.
      I find a droid
      • "You are not on the ship's crew. You are a digital," the droid remarks in a pleasant female voice.
      • Startled for a moment, I reply. "That is true. And who are you?" 
      • "I am Aeschylus," the droid responds, "Not the playwright. The ship."
      • Aeschylus
      • MUVE is a Multiuser Virtual Environment.
      • hop://

      Go there

      • Web address:
      • HG address:
      • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the world map, click Find, TP
      • Go to Aeschylus:
      • hop://
      • Go to the ground station
      • hop://
      • Put the Firestorm Hop in the address (top) bar of Firestorm, press Enter

      Thursday, June 20, 2019

      #VWEDU update 6/21/2019 Facebook with cryptocurrency, Maria Korolov reports

      #VWEDU update 6/21/2019 
      Facebook with cryptocurrency
      Maria Korolov reports

      A collection of news items and links relevant to this blog.  Some often-wanted links are recurrent.  Others may be retained a few weeks.  New items are added daily
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      Tuesday, June 18, 2019

      2019 EDU: Language learning: What could a virtual (online) campus offer?

      Language learning: 
      What could a virtual (online) campus offer? 

      A school has special advantages for teaching its native language to people who want to learn that language. The old disadvantage used to be that people could only attend that school after expensive travel. Travel on the internet is free and fast.

      Universal campus (Kitely)
      • A German university would choose its own campus view.
      • As would any university anywhere.

      Native speakers

      • The virtual campus could be provided by a school with the target language.
      • If you want to learn German, you could learn it at a German university.
      • Talk with German instructors. Socialize with German students.
      • Low cost plan: "Study in Germany, live at home"


      • "Local" sights and people
      • Viewpoint of the school
      • Immersive language learning
      • Situated learning
      • Social learning (All language is social.)
      • Marketing
      • First mover advantage
      • What is an virtual campus?
      • Who can supply a virtual campus?
      • Articles in this blog about language learning
      • Immersive Technologies (Heritage Christian Online School)
      • Search this page:  Ctrl+f opens search bar near the top

      Monday, June 17, 2019

      2019 MUVE: Content: Save an OAR file (copy of OpenSim region): Honor creator rights--Lisa Laxton

      Save an OAR file
      (copy of OpenSim region): 
      Honor creator rights--Lisa Laxton

      How to save an OAR file and honor creator rights.
      What is an OAR?
      Around the Open Simulator community, we hear things like "save your OAR" or "get an OAR from Outworldz". For the non-technical users learning to host their own regions or grids, OAR is an acronym for OpenSimulator Archive. It is a file type that can contain all of the assets of a region, its terrain, and its parcels. In other words, an OAR can be a complete backup of a virtual world known as a region in OpenSimulator. This feature allows a region owner to save and restore "backups" of their region.

      Sunday, June 16, 2019

      2019 #VWEDU: A horse ride through Coopersville (MUVE) 1905. Go back in time a little over 100 years.

      A horse ride through Coopersville (MUVE) 1905.  
      Go back in time a little over 100 years.  

      Coopersville is a MUVE (virtual world) model of a US town of the early 20th Century.  It has houses of that era (houses of the Victorian and Edwardian times), offers clothing of that period, has transportation of that period (streetcars, early Fords, and horses), plays music of that time (especially ragtime), and has the early flying things (Wright Flyer, hot air balloons).  Just right for a site visit by a class studying that part of history.

      Go there

      • Hypergrid address: 
      • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the world map, click Find, TP
      • http://hop://
      • In Kitely, put the hop in the address (top) bar of the viewer, press Enter

      Saturday, June 15, 2019

      2019 #VWEDU: Eileen O’Connor: Mainstreaming MUVE Learning Colloquium, MALET Program, Empire State College (SUNY)

      Eileen O’Connor: 
      Mainstreaming MUVE Learning Colloquium,  
      MALET Program, Empire State College (SUNY)

      Dr. Eileen O’Connor – Associate Professor & Coordinator for the Masters of Arts Learning & Emerging Technology Program, SUNY Empire State College (MALET)  – discussed her institution’s creation of a “think-tank” to investigate and advocate for the wider use of virtual spaces in online learning (including in elderly populations).

      Friday, June 14, 2019

      2019 #VWEDU: BIZ: We can bring schools into OpenSim. Not just people. Whole campuses full of people.

      We can bring schools into OpenSim.  
      Not just people.  
      Whole campuses full of people.

      OpenSim and web-worlds can support virtual campuses online. Such a campus would be managed by the school.  The OpenSim or web-world "grid"would only provide hosting.
      Writers meet to share their work

      Yes, there is research

      Bringing in a campus is not like bringing in people

      • For openers,a school would bring in students by the hundreds.  
      • If the school found the arrangement useful, it could bring in thousands.
      • But bringing in students requires special arrangements: 
      • Batch registration. A specialized viewerA private grid.
      • You need a private grid to separate your school from adult activities

      Marketing to schools is not marketing to people.  

      • Schools have special needs.  But those needs are similar across schools.
      • Thus meeting the needs of schools could be profitable.

      An online campus is not an online class

      • A physical campus is not just for holding classes.
      • Students meet outside of class for collaboration, socializing, etc.
      • I won't expand on the etc. but the other things can have major educational value.

      No, you don't need that thing over your eyes

      • Those are expensive.  You just need a computer screen.
      • You get a picture you can walk through and look around in. 
      • It is much like the sense of 3D you get in a movie.
      • Where they also don't wear things over their eyes.