Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 LIBR: EDU: Let's gather a list of educationally useful places on the hypergrid

Let's gather a list of educationally 
useful places on the hypergrid

A call for a database of places that might be of use for instruction. A few examples are given. More may be added.
The villa and the road
Vesuvius looms

Not schools but



Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 EDU: Kitely announces virtual campuses for schools (and other organizations): Virtual worlders would say private grids.

Kitely announces virtual campuses 
for schools (and other organizations):  
Virtual worlders would say private grids. 

Overview of Kitely's new service, virtual private campuses, an arrangement that lets schools and other organizations manage the people in their space as they do in the physical campuses they are accustomed to.

Universal campus
Free template

Your virtual campus

Virtual campuses for real organizations

  • Kitely handles the Building and Grounds work.
  • You run the school or organization.
  • You don't teach people  how to register. You register them (batch registration).
  • You register everyone, using a database or spreadsheet from your own records.
  • You don't teach people how to get a viewer and install it. There's an AP for that.
  • You don't teach people to find their classrooms.  You tell that to system. 
  • You don't send people somewhere else to get into to your campus. 
  • You give them a link that opens an entry screen with your organization's name on it.
  • In short, you manage the school, Kitely manages the details.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 WW: EDU: How to Move and Teleport in 3DWebWorldz.com and 3DPortals.com

How to Move and Teleport in 
3DWebWorldz.com and 3DPortals.com

Navigation and Teleport Tutorial video for 3DWebWorldz.com (Virtual World in a Browser, social experience) and the sister site, 3DPortals.com (3D Website World, solo experience). Updated tutorial with new tools, January 2019.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

2019 EDU: MUVE: Themed grids/MUVEs focus on what the customer wants

Themed grids or virtual places, 
focus on what the customer wants

The Empty Classroom

Themes, grids, websites, MUVEs

Friday, January 11, 2019

2019 EDU: WW: Classroom in a browser. Walk in, walk around, interact, char, have a conversation. Your classroom is wherever you are

Classroom in a browser.  
Walk in, walk around, interact, 
chat, have a conversation. 
Your classroom is wherever you are

Wherever you are and wherever your students are.   All they need is an internet connection and a tablet/laptop, Chromebook or even a modern smart phone.   An instructor would want a bit more.

Take a trip with us through the hallways of MySchool3d on 3DWebWorldz.com to get an idea of how 3D Education in a Web Browser is now possible.  Created by the Website Experts at https://a2zsmartgroup.com

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2019 MUVE update 1/11/2019: Pecan Pie murder, OpenSim Fest, Edu Funding

MUVE update 1/11/2019 
Pecan Pie murder, 
OpenSim Fest, 
Edu Funding

A collection of news items and links relevant to this blog.  Some often-wanted links are recurrent.  Others may be retained a few weeks.  New items are added daily.

News on the MUVEs 


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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 PROMO: Promote your grid with twitter embed and live chat on the landing page.

Promote your grid or community 
with live chat on the landing page.  

Suggestions for how OpenSim grid owners can increase the promotion of their grids on their landing pages. 
Part of the Littlefield landing page

  • Live chat was not available when we tried.  Littlefield  grid
  • The button offered email contact.  Better than nothing, but not live.
  • Live chat with a real person would be good for marketing
  • You could use an ingrid group (if you are running the grid).
  • You could use free chat software.
  • You could use Frendica
  • Grid: Set up a group for the grid.  Put that chat on the landing page
  • Community: You already are a group.  Put your blog on the landing page
  • Themed grid: Put the chat from your main group on the landing page.
  • Twitter can serve as your timeline and you can embed it in your blog
  • Make a Twitter account for your community or grid.

Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 EDU: The Hero's Journey and Guided Pathways--Peninsula College

The Hero's Journey 
and Guided Pathways

An onboarding video by Peninsula College, based partly on videos taken in MUVEs (virtual worlds).  The video draws on an old literary metaphor and modern technology and incidentally shows something that students could learn to do at the college.  

The Hero's Journey and Guided Pathways is an ongoing project at Peninsula College. It is designed to help students with the orientation process and encouragement to follow their dreams.This is a sneak peak into the Journey. Stay tuned for more! This video was directed and edited by Clara Sue Hill.

You may wonder what the mythical hero's journey has to do with going to college.  See for yourself in Wikipedia: Hero's Journey


Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 WW: WRITE: Video: Jamie and Selby introduce a 3D writer's workshop on the web

Video: Jamie and Selby introduce 
a 3D writer's workshop on the web

In three videos, Jamie and Selby explore the beginning of a 3D writer's workshop that comes in any browser.  The workshop is presented in the form of an interactive story that takes place in the virtual environment created in the browser. Thus it also illustrates a new way to tell stories in a browser.    


Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 VIDEO: Ricardo Sorciere returns with your pet gorilla, ready to follow you anywhere

Ricardo Sorciere returns
with your pet gorilla, 
ready to follow you anywhere 

Video: scripted follower pets available on Kitely Market. 

Hello Everyone I'm back after a while been very busy with real life work.. here is a sample of my new scripts to animate and follow you around at Kitely grid--Ricardo Sorciere