Monday, January 28, 2019

2019 BIZ: THEME: EDU: Kitely offers themed "grids". Independent websites using Kitely tech but managed by an organization

Kitely offers themed "grids".  
Independent websites using Kitely tech 
but managed by the user organization

Introducing Kitely Organizations (private grids) that let schools and other organizations have their own 3D places with tech management by Kitely and student management by the school.

The Empty Classroom
  • Themed grids are especially suited to schools.
  • The school and its offerings would be the theme. 
  • The grid would use the name of the school. 
  • The school would manage the student activities.
  • With Organizations, Kitely would do the tech work to run the grid.

Kitely organizations (virtual grids)

  • Introducing Organizations (Virtual Grids)
  • Organizations is in addition to the standard Kitely grid.
  • It has no effect on the people in the current Kitely grid.
  • Unless they want to produce content to support an organization.
  • The main users of Organizations are likely ti be educators.
  • They could buy educational products on Kitely Market for courses.
  • They could rent educational regions for use in courses.
  • Educational regions could be replicas of culturally relevant sites.
  • Credentialed instructors might get positions as adjunct faculty.
  • Adjunct faculty might bring their own instructional content or regions.


Educational content

Educational products

Educational regions

Important concepts

Private Virtual Grid

A private grid that runs inside Kitely. This is a “Virtual” grid because it uses the same servers as the main Kitely grid. But it has its own Grid URI, and the Admins can control who may visit the grid’s (Organization’s) worlds.
The grid is not just hosted by Kitely.  Kitely manages the technical operation.  The organization manages the part of the operation that it is concerned with.  A school, for example, registers its students (batch registration) and puts them in groups that set where they can go and what messages they get.   

Managed Users

Users that are created (registered)  by the Organization. The Organization Admins have full control over these users. Managed Users can’t login to the main Kitely website.
In a school, for example, managed users would be students.  The school would register them (batch registration) with data brought in from its own databases.  The managed registration would assign them to groups corresponding to classes.  Group membership would give them access to specified places (regions and parcels)    Group membership would control the communication channels they could use.

Setup Kitely 

A program whose purpose is to help the Organization’s users, who might never have heard of OpenSim, visit the Organization’s worlds for the first time. 
Setup Kitely runs on Windows and Mac computers. It helps the users download the correct version of Firestorm for their computer; add [the] Organization’s Virtual Grid to Firestorm; choose their avatar; and enter one of the Organization’s worlds.
The managed users of an organization may be unfamiliar with the ways of the internet.  They may not know the power of downloading and installing.  (Modern aps download and install themselves.)  Educators want to teach their subject matter.  That probably does not include explaining what a uri is and how to use it.  Setup Kitely does some of this tech work by itself.  It will probably do more in the future.  

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