Tuesday, October 15, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: The sense of instructor presence in the online classroom. Loneliness not a problem on a virtual campus

The sense of instructor presence
in the online classroom
Loneliness not a problem on a virtual campus

One of the important features of virtual worlds (MUVEs) is that you meet other people, talk with them, work with them.  We never wonder about sense of presence.    This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).

The isolation problem with online classes


The MUVE solution

  • A virtual world (MUVE) has people. at least at scheduled meetings.
  • You see them as avatars and hear them talk in their natural voices.
  • You send them things from your inventory and they hand you things.  
  • They walk over to things they want to talk about and so do you.  
  • The experience can be much like a real classroom or other kind of meeting.
  • The teacher has a recognizable avatar and a recognizable voice.  
  • If the teacher is active (saying or doing something), presence is obvious. 
  • To test presence in a virtual world, visit me on the web (scroll down).

But what if the teacher is inactive?

  • In a flipped classroom, the teacher may be inactive unless intervention is needed.
  • To keep the sense of presence, the teacher might want to be more active.
  • That could be done unobtrusively by IMs or notecards to individual students.
  • A teacher might develop a collection of notecards with useful suggestions.
  • Influence the discussion without interrupting it.  
  • With project-based learning, the teacher can also ask for work products.
  • If students are researching something, the teacher knows what they should be finding.
  • Digicoach can ask for a list of, say, their ten best links.  
  • Digicoach can compare the list with the teacher's list and note differences.  
  • The teacher might act on important differences.
  • Such actions engender a sense of presence and an effort to be helpful.

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