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2019 #VWEDU BIZ: The Online Campus needs a library, as did those old campuses with the expensive buildings

#VWEDU The Online Campus needs a library, 
as did those old campuses 
with the expensive buildings 

We now have MUVE campuses.  We should think about what we need there.    Libraries are an obvious need, so I start with the probable functions of an online library associated with an online college.
Digital Citizenship Museum on Kitely
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The online library is all service

  • Online we can do without those expensive buildings.
  • The ones you had to drive to and then look for a parking place.
  • The money that went for building maintenance can now support services
  • Yes, we need the services more than ever:
  • Digital citizenship. Safe and effective use of the web and the internet.
  • Curation and exhibition are services an online campus must have.   
  • Host professionally relevant student groups.
  • Host professional learning communities
  • Professional learning community (PLC) (Wikipedia)
  • Subscribe to appropriate journals to give students and faculty access.
  • Support student access to needed and suitable books or other materials
  • Coach students on how to seek, find, and evaluate suitable information.
  • Provide instruction on living online.

Go there

  • To Cookie II in Kitely:  HG addess:
  • II
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the world map, click Find, TP
  • In Kitely (and in the Firestorm viewer) put the hop in the viewer address bar:
  • hop:// II/640/896/23


Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship for kids

Articles in this blog

Curation and exhibition 


  • Curation--Wikipedia
  • Not paper books, of course. Links.
  • Maybe just offer links to more general web curation services.
  • (The library might  subscribe to professional level services.)
  • Possibly offer several services selected for specific objectives.
  • Probably give instruction on how to use Google search for research.
  • Certainly give instruction on how to evaluate the quality of found reports.


  • Exhibition--Wikipedia 
  • Effective exhibition helps people find what they are probably looking for.
  • That means identifying common goals of clients and pointing the way.
  • Exhibitions point the way, often ordered for learning.
  • On a flat web page, that would be a page with an outline and some text.
  • I hope it would at least show pictures.
  • In a 3D world, it would be displayed as in a physical library,
  • (But with more space at lower cost.)

Host professionally relevant student groups.

  • Colleges usually have student groups associated with popular study areas.
  • Sometimes the college library hosts these groups in small conference rooms.
  • The college library offers prompt access to extensive resources.
  • And the online library would offer even more resources.
  • It could easily offer a resource-laden meeting room to fit the group needs.

Provide instruction and practice for students in living online

Maintain a collection on educational practice and aids 


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