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2019 EDU: New educational term: Batch Registration: for schools and organizations in virtual worlds

New educational term:  Batch Registration: 
for schools and organizations in virtual worlds 
Batch registration is a feature that grids and web-worlds can offer to schools and other organizations that will bring in and manage groups of users.   
The Empty Classroom
  • Instructors don't want their students to register for their classes in virtual worlds.
  • Some of the students will get it wrong and need instructor help.
  • Instructors want to spend time teaching the course content.
  • They don't want to spend time teaching students how to register online.
  • Batch registration: the school does the registration from its own records.
  • Kitely: Introducing Organizations (Virtual Grids)

Contents below

  • What is batch registration?
  • What are the advantages of batch registration? 
  • What MUVEs (virtual worlds) do batch registration?


What is batch registration?

  • The school has student registration records in its own database.  
  • For a class to use a MUVE (virtual world), the school exports the student records.
  • The export is usually in CSV format. 
  • Only the attributes needed for MUVE registration are exported.
  • The exported database would look something like this:  Batch Create Users
  • The passwords would probably be random creations.

Advantages of batch registration

  • Avoids student registration problems 
  • Avoids registration errors.
  • MUVE registration matches school records.
  • MUVE can collect and deliver (CSV) performance records matched to students.
  • Students can be sent directly to their classroom.
  • Provides basis for LMS integration

What MUVEs (virtual worlds) do batch registration?

  • Kitely batch registration for organizations:  Batch Create Users
  • 3DWebWorldz: By arrangement with the developer
  • CybaLOUNGE:  System done.  Documentation TBD (soon) 
  • Others: TBD (If you know of others, give the web link in comments.)

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