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FAQ with search on page

Updated 5/18/2018
Frequently asked questions about Cybalounge.  This is an active page that is updated when new questions are asked and answered
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Search on page (in Chrome)

  • Press Ctrl+f.  Search bar appears in upper left.
  • May work in other browsers, too. 

Key terms for search on page

  • activation link, avatar
  • build
  • child prim,  compound object, COLLADA
  • find, FPS
  • import
  • lag, limit, location
  • notecardsnothing happens
  • problems
  • remove
  • share, sitting low, start, social
  • teleport, travel 
  • voice does not connect


What happened to the activation link I am supposed to get?

  • If it is not in your inbox, it probably went into your spam or junk mail folder. 

How can I find the location I just got when I registered?

  • Click the pointed pushpin.
  • Click Private in the tab bar (top)
  • Your location is here, not with your name but with a number.
  • Click Enter to go there.  You probably want to rename it and maybe set it public.
  • Web-worlds: Cybalounge building: location settings


I click the button and nothing happens

  • Try it again and watch for a notice of popup blocked.   
  • Browsers may block popups whether you tell them to or not.  
  • You can authorize popups for this site.  
  • They also can forget that authorization the next time you need it.

Your world, place, location

How many prims or avatars can I have in my place?

  • The system has no established limit on either.
  • Objects increase load time and memory requirements.
  • Avatars increase processing and memory requirements.
  • So the load time may get too long.
  • Or you may see a drop in the Frames Per Second (FPS)
  • (FPS is the number in parentheses at upper left.)
  • 8000 phantom prims had negligible effect on FPS.
  • For avatars, the location setting by default says 10, but you can change that.  
  • This option is only to let you avoid numbers that create lag.
  • Cybalounge building: location settings
  • Limitations are imposed by the browser and computer capability.
  • These will allow higher limits in the future.

How can I get more locations?

  • At this time, the only way to get another  location is to register in another name.
  • You can friend yourself and make your avatars administrators of the other places.
  • You can create multiple places in your location by making multiple floors.
  • Just provide teleports to each floor. 
  • Teleports in Cybalounge, in location and to another location
  • In the future, I expect there will be an arrangement to get additional locations. 
  • Additional locations might come with a cost.    
  • Location is used in Cybalounge to refer to a space.  It is like a sim to virtual worlders.
  • It is a web page to web site managers. Locations are 512 x 512.


Is there an easier way to go to other Cybalounge worlds?


What are compound objects and child prims?

  • Child prims are prims created or rezzed while another object was selected.  
  • The previously selected object becomes the root prim.  
  • Child prims are placed relative to the root prim.  
  • You can change the placement in the position attribute of the child prim. 
  • A root prim and one or more child prims constitute a compound object.
  • Combining primitivesGluing 

How can I get a mesh file that I can import?

  • Import a COLLADA from Live Home 3D Pro
  • This method is in active use and works reliably.
  • The same method may work with many other COLLADA files.  
  • But COLLADA files can vary enough so that it will not work with all such files.
  • We do not yet know a detailed specification to ensure that COLLADA files work. 

How do I remove objects from my place?

  • In edit mode (crossed tools), click it, then click Remove in the menu at right.


How can I share powers on my place with others?

We use notecards in our meetings.  Does Cybalounge have these ?

  • We would use a message board set to public instead.
  • Here is how to set it up:  Web-world message board
  • Anyone can write on it or paste text into it (if it is set to public).
  • Click on it. That opens it in a separate panel.
  • In that panel, you can scroll it and type or paste in it.
  • Another option is to create a collaborative blog and bring in posts on a prim.
  • Drag and Drop building in Cybalounge: Tutorial
  • You could have multiple message boards, but they can slow things down.
  • And if you leave them out, they will slow down loading.

Why won't voice connect me with my friend?

  • Sometimes Firefox and Chrome won't connect with each other.  
  • If you can both use the same brand of browser, that may fix things.
  • Unless it is MS Edge

How do I copy text from the chat window?

  • Double click on the first word in the text string.
  • Hold down shift and click on the last word in the string.

I am sitting low; can I sit up higher?

  • To change your sitting position, press u, d, l, r, f , or b.  
  • That will move the avatar up, down, left, right, forward or back.


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