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2019 WW: What guests can do in Cybalounge and how. Tutorial

What guests can do
and how.  Tutorial

Updated 4/27/2019

Instructions for people who come into Cybalounge as guests. They can look around in all public worlds, read signs and posters, talk to people, chat in text, and click on scripted objects to watch videos or open web pages.  New visitors will need these instructions 
Cybalounge controls that
everyone can use
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What do guests need to know?

How to use the screen

How to enter at any public place

  • Go to this link: Cybalounge 
  • To the right of the Region line there is a choice bar.
  • Click the down-pointing wedge and click on your destination.
  • Click guest login.  
  • When you get there, wait for the place to finish loading.
  • Click the screen to focus the computer on it.  Try walking.
  • (You can't move till loading finishes.)

How to walk

  • Up arrow to move forward
  • Down arrow to move backward
  • Left or right arrows to turn
  • Hold down shift to walk fast.

How to Fly

  • Click the paper plane (upper left) 
  • It turns white, meaning fly mode.
  • To go up press (for up).
  • To go down press d (for down).
  • These may change to more common conventions later.
  • To move forward, back, or turn, use the arrow keys as in walking.

How to find people

How to find events

  • Click the pointed pushpin (bottom line)
  • Click the event tab

How to use chat 

  • Type in the chat bar (bottom left), press return.
  • Give a web link: Put it on a separate line.  
  • It should appear in color, meaning a click on it will open the page.
  • To copy from chat history, click the pair of squares in the bottom line.
  • The history opens in a separate panel.  
  • Double-click the first word of the text you want to copy.
  • Hold down Shift and click the last word you want to copy.
  • Click Ctrl-c to copy and Crtl-v to paste.

How to talk in voice

  • Click on the mic graphic (bottom line).
  • It gets a green background when activated.
  • The preferred device for conversation combines head phones and microphone.
  • This device puts the mic near your mouth and the audio at your ears.
  • With other arrangements you may have to mute your mic when others speak.
  • To mute your mic, click the button again; the background will turn red.
  • If voice does not connect, check the small black panel (upper left). 
  • Green parentheses by a name indicate that the person is connected in voice.
  • If voice is not working for you, click "Reset voice" in that panel.

How to sit and stand back up

  • Places to sit will have pose balls, usually colored.
  • Click on a pose ball and your avatar will sit there.
  • To stand, click on the "Stop Animation" button (upper right).

How to look at things

  • Move  your avatar close to what you want to see. 
  • Use the right arrow to turn you avatar till you see the thing.
  • With a poster or sign, click on it.  
  • It may open another web page or a window that scrolls.
  • If those don't work, Free the camera in Cybalounge!

How to watch videos

  • Click on the screen


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