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2018 WW: EDU: The interactive whiteboard(s) in CybaLounge

The interactive whiteboard in CybaLounge
Updated 1/18/2018
The interactive whiteboard offers various features of value in the classroom.  Since I believe web-worlds can be useful as classrooms on the web, I am here describing the capabilities that web-worlds already offer that give affordances similar to those offered by interactive whiteboards.

Cybalounge message board

Uses for interactive whiteboards

  • Displaying what people write (the old use)
  • Capturing and saving notes
  • Polling an audience for opinions.



Cybalounge affordances like those of interactive whiteboards

  • The items below refer to Cybalounge featires.
  • Other web-worlds can add these features if needed.

Displaying what people write (the old use)

  • Web-world message board
  • The above article gives instructions on how to set it up.
  • The message board is a web page in the originator's Google account.
  • The originator can access and modify it directly as well as inworld.
  • Anyone can create a message board on their own Google account.
  • Anyone with rez power in a world can drag and drop a board into the world.

Available: shared whiteboard on the web

Capturing and saving notes 

  • The board on the computer can be printed.
  • Or otherwise distributed by normal computer and internet methods.

Running software such as a web browser

Polling an audience for opinions

  • Counting software is not available, but could be.
  • In virtual worlds, we often use polling by position.
  • People move their avatars to a place marked with their selection.
  • People then may discuss and change their selection.

If you are interested in web-worlds...



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