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2018 WW: EDU: Wanted: mesh museum content for 3DWebworldz and other browser-based virtual worlds

Wanted: mesh museum content for 3DWebWorldz 
and other browser-based virtual worlds
Web-world developers have established that mesh objects of the kind that are loaded into virtual worlds can also be loaded into web-worlds.  3DWeb-worldz is now seeking to demonstrate the capability to create mini-museums in web pages.  For that 3DWeb-worldz needs content suitable for a museum.  
International Spaceflight Museum 
  • A few rockets from the ISM, for example.
  • Goal: Illustrate how web-worlds can be used to create "Museums for the Home."
  • Needed: Collections of mesh objects suitable for display in a museum.
  • Not full museum content.  Museum seedlings.
  • 3DWeb-worldz is a professionally-built web-world.

What kind of content?

  • Art, statuary, installation art.
  • Science and technology: museums.
  • Cars, trains, planes, ships, rockets.
  • Historical clothing. 
  • Practically anything over 80 years old (except me).
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Specific needs

  • Enough content on a particular topic to make a display in a physical museum.
  • Size: part or all of a museum room.  Installation art could be huge. 
  • License agreement(s) from the creator(s) authorizing use in a 3D virtual display.
  • License agreement can have an expiration date.
  • A zip file with COLLADA file and textures.

What do you get

  • 3D display in a virtual world on the web
  • Exhibitor credit in the web-world
  • Websender links to your web page(s)
  • You may be able to embed the display on your web page.
  • A chance to promote your inworld museum to possible visitors and supporters.
  • Promotion can include web meetings in your virtual museum.  
  • Probably, promotion in this blog.

How to start

  • If you want  to see if your content is suitable. send a note with pictures to 
  • Be sure to give an address for email contact.

How to send it

  • If you have the original COLLADA file, you can use that.
  • If you have a build in a virtual world, export a collada of the entire room or building.
  • Please provide a text document of information to be shared with visitors
  • Also provide a statement of the license conditions you are stipulating.  
  • The license statement needs to include your contact information.
  • Once you have collected all your files, zip them up and deliver via: 
  • If you have questions, please submit a ticket.  

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