Sunday, March 25, 2018

2018 WW: EDU: Visitor's guide to Cybalounge. Yes, Cybalounge is ready to welcome visitors

Visitor's guide to Cybalounge.  
Yes, Cybalounge is ready to welcome visitors
For people wanting a preliminary look at virtual worlds, it is easy to come into Cybalounge. You don't need to register and create a password.  Come in as a guest.  Look around.  Visit the public rooms.  Find people and talk to them. 

How to visit Cybalounge
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  • To enter the 3D virtual world of Cybalounge, click the name.
  • As a guest, you don't log in.  
  • Click the guest entry option (maybe scroll down to it).
  • You will need to chose an avatar and enter a nickname.
  • A 3D world is much bigger than a flat web page, so it will take longer to load.
  • The instructions on this page are for guests; builders see: 
  • Cybalounge is ready for virtual worlders to use: Tutorials and suggestions

As a guest

On arriving

  • When the place loads, click on the screen to make the computer attend to that.
  • You view will be from a little above and behind your avatar.
  • Tutorial: Annotated screens
  • The place may still be loading; your avatar will not move till loading finishes.
  • To move forward, tap (and release) the up arrow.  
  • Tap lightly until you get a feel for it.
  • Backward is down arrow.
  • Turn is left or right arrow.
  • To leave, just close the browser window.
  • If a chair has a sphere in it, sit by clicking the sphere.
  • To stand from sitting, click "Stop Animation" (upper right).
  • To talk (if you have a mic) or hear others, click the mic graphic (bottom line).

Find people currently in this Cybalounge 


Catch a scheduled meeting

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      Drop by my web office Weekdays: 12:-12:30 Central time  (US) 

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