Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 OPENSIM: BIZ: Prefab sims (OARs) become a feature of Opensim

Prefab sims (OARs) become a feature of Opensim
In Opensim, you can download and upload an entire sim (256x256).  You can buy, sell, give away, archive, copy to another grid, duplicate in other grids.  You can start in a virtual world with  the world you want. 
Free universal Campus
  • In Opensim, you can save your sim to a backup (OAR) file.
  • If you have the right permissions and your grid allows it.
  • You can  post that file on the web free for anyone to copy
  • As you might do if the work was done on a grant.
  • You can post that file on the web for sale.
  • Though you may not have protection from copiers. 
  • Unless you use Copyright: Court: terrains can be copyrighted
  • Anyone who has the file can load it onto another grid.
  • If the grid allows that kind of upload.

Where you can use OAR files: 

  • On your own computer: SOAS
  • On a computer at your university or institution: SOAS
  • On a virtual world host:  Zetamex
  • On Kitely or any other virtual world that supports OAR uploads

Examples of OAR files available

Military releases Atropia simulation

Downloads:  Military Metaverse--Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy.
The work is released under a Creative Commons license that allows people to use the build for any purpose, including commercial, to adapt it and redistribute it, as long as the work is attributed to the original source and shared under the same Creative Commons license.  
MOSES (Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy): "Is a coalition of Military, Industry, and Academic partners who share a common interest in the advancement of virtual world technology for simulation-based training."   Downloads  



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  1. You missed the biggest ever source of OAR files -- Linda Kellie's. These are all CC0 licensed. That means that everything in these files is public domain. Linda Kellie is the original creator on everything and has affirmed that people can get her content and used it in any they want. That means they can take it, modify it, distribute it, even sell it if they want. It is a fantastic resources for anyone setting up a new grid, especially people who want to make sure that they're fully legal.

    You can find these files in various places around the Web, but the most definitive collection is on Zadaroo:

    -- Maria

    1. Thanks. I get a lot of emails from folks who are using LK stuff to get their new grids or regions going!

    2. Linda Kellie had character and is a soul of opensim never buy for items in opensim, all must by free in opensim. More and more people disregard this and make a profit. Ignore what OS is. Sit in a nest made and cream off. Way they can not go to LL Altberg and... hmm damn so much respectless......