Sunday, May 20, 2018

2018 WW: Backup your Cybalounge location to a file on your computer. Import a backup

Backup your Cybalounge location 
to a file on your computer. 
Import a backup.

Make a file copy of your place.  Save it on your computer.  Load it anywhere on Cybalounge.  Give it to your friends for them to use in their place.  Sell it if you make it valuable enough.  Provide it as deliverable on grants and contracts. 
Edit panel with 
whole location selected

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To save a location copy

  • Click the crossed tool button to enter edit location mode.
  • Click on the ground to select the whole location.
  • Click the export button on the window that appears upper right (see above)
  • If nothing happens, check for popups blocked and unblock if needed.
  • You should get a download offer; accept it without changing the file name.
  • (Put it in a folder named to identify it for you.)
  • The file will be a zip file of a few megabytes at most.
  • If the file name does not end with .zip, rename the file so it ends that way.

To load a saved location

  • Go through the first 2 steps as for saving.
  • Click the backup button to keep a copy of your current location
  • Drag and drop the saved location on the Cybalounge screen.
  • Click yes on the assurance screen.
  • The location will reload, now with the new content.

How to use a saved copy

  • Keep it in your local inventory as a backup or an optional scene for your location.
  • What DragNDrop for web-worlds means for inventories
  • You can have multiple scenes with multiple purposes with only one location.
  • Store it on your computer for later use.
  • Give it away for others to use.
  • Put it into a library of prefab scenes.
  • Create a small business of building scenes and selling them.
  • Provide it as deliverable on grants and contracts.


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