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2019 WW: MESH: Full physics comes to CybaLOUNGE: How to make objects solid

Full physics comes to CybaLOUNGE:. 
How to make objects solid

Imitates real physics: gravity and friction.  Makes objects act like solids.  You can set the mass of an object.

Physics comes to Cybalounge

  • CybaLOUNGE  
  • https://nonprofitvirtualworld.org/
  • You can set objects to collision--that makes objects act as if solid.
  • We usually call objects physical when they are set to act as if solid.
  • (We people of the digital worlds)
  • You can walk on physical objects and bump into them.
  • You can turn on gravity in your place and set it to the level you want.  
  • You can set gravity to much less than earth level and make things fall slowly.
  • Instructions after the break.


Collision cautions: the takeaways

  • Physics uses computing.  It can overload your computer.
  • Never use collision unless you need it, as in stairs and upper floors.
  • Or in physics demonstrations.
  • Never set a mesh object to collision. 
  • Make a bounding box for it and make the box transparent
  • Best set only single prims for collision.


    CybaLOUNGE settings for physics

    Set your location to physical

    • To see the location dialog, click the house button (bottom line, right side)

    Location setting for physics
    • True physics checked.
    • Gravity set with slider.
    • The setting of 25 means about 25% of earth gravity.
    • Reduced gravity means that things fall more slowly

    Set an object to collision

    • Click the crossed tools (bottom line) to enter the construction mode. 
    • Click the object to select it for editing.
    • Click the General tab and check the collision property
    Set the object to collision
    • Option: set physics properties for the object.
    • You don't need to set these properties if you just want collision.
    Set physics properties

    • Toggle collision on in the location.
    • Your avatar can get stuck at collision objects.
    • Toggle off to get unstuck.
     CybaLOUNGE screen, top left
    Click image to enlarge

    Use collision efficiently

    With mesh

    • Decide what surfaces you need to be solid.
    • Make a bounding box prim that matches the surface.
    • If the surface is irregular, as usual with mesh, 
    • make a single simple prim that fits in front of or above the surface.
    • Position the prim, then set it transparent.

    Setup for physics demonstration

    Setup for physics demonstration


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