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2019 WW: CybaLOUNGE Screen, navigation, and starter help. Summary

CybaLOUNGE Screen, navigation, 
and starter help. Summary

Annotated screenshots from CybaLOUNGE designed to help people starting in CybaLOUNGE
 CybaLOUNGE screen, top left
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Starter guide

  • When the place loads, click on the screen to make the computer attend to it.
  • You view will be from a little above and behind your avatar,
  • The place may still be loading; your avatar will not move till loading finishes.
  • To move forward, tap (and release) the up arrow.  
  • Tap lightly until you get a feel for it.
  • Backward is down arrow.
  • Turn is left or right arrow.
  • To leave, just close the browser window.
  • If a chair has a sphere in it, sit by clicking the sphere.
  • To stand from sitting, click "Stop Animation" (upper right)..
  • The Mic graphic will be red when you first arrive, showing that your mic is muted.
  • You will be able to hear others speak, but they will not hear you. 
  • To unmute your mic, click the mic button.  It will turn green and others will hear you.

What browser is best for web-worlds? 

  • Chrome
  • In Chrome be sure hardware acceleration is on
  • Click three vertical dots upper right
  • Click Settings 
  • Scroll down, click Advanced
  • Scroll down to System
  • Use hardware acceleration...  Be sure this is on. 

Screen, bottom left buttons

 CybaLOUNGE screen, bottom left
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  • Local chat: Type in the chat bar, press return.
  • Chat will appear to all nearby on the left side.
  • Local chat history:  Recent chat.  Links are in distinct color and are live for a click.
  • You can copy text from local chat history. Click the start place.
  • Speech to text: When on, speech will be transcribed to local text
  • Mic: Speech is on when you arrive, but your mic is muted (red). 
  • You hear others, they don't hear you till you click mic and turn it green,
  • Free cameraFree the camera in Cybalounge!   
  • Build/edit: used only on land where you have build powers:  turns those powers on.

Screen, bottom right buttons

 CybaLOUNGE screen, bottom right
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Screen, top right 



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