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2018 WW: Cybalounge tutorial: Basic Avatar Animation

Cybalounge tutorial: Basic Avatar Animation
CybaLOUNGE supports key frame animations for the avatars.  Here I give the basic instructions.  This is probably enough information to let people experienced in key frame animation get started.  People with no experience in Key Frame animation will probably not be interested in this article.

CybaLOUNGE supports key frame animations for the avatars. This means that you can define key poses at certain points in time (the key frames) and later the animation will be interpolated between these poses. This way you can define complex animations with only a couple of key frames. 

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Animation button 
and animation panel 
  • Click the animation button to get the animations panel

Animations panel: create or select animations


  • The name of the animation.  
  • When you assign names, be sure to pick one that will be memorable in the future.
Category / Sub-Category – not supported yet at this time


  • The current frame of the animation (0 – 3600). 
  • With a reference speed of 60 frames per second, 
  • you can create animations of up to one minute in length
  • You don't have to deal with all these frames--you only construct the key frames.
Current Key 
  • The index of the current key frame
Whole Body, Neck, Arms, Legs 
  • Containing sliders to control all joints of the avatar’s body. 
  • These changes are always applied to your avatar in real time.

Actions available

  • Set Key – Sets the current frame as a new key frame (note: key frames start with an index of 0).
  • Delete Key – Removes the currently selected key frame
  • Next Key – Jumps to the next key frame
  • Prev Key – Jumps to the previous key frame
  • Play Animation – Starts and plays the current animation in a loop
  • Stop Animation – Stops a playing animation
  • Save Animation – Stores the animation in your inventory. The stored animations can be used for interaction objects or can be transferred to other users.
  • Del. Animation – Deletes the current animation from your inventory.  HINT: An animation has to consist of at least two key frames.


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