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2018 WW: HG: Importing OAR files from OpenSim to Web Worlds: Convoar

Importing OAR files from OpenSim 
to Web Worlds: Convoar

Updated 9/17/2018
Software to convert Opensim OAR files to use in web-worlds.  Github link offered along with a link to a collection of converted glTF files.   

OAR file converter to web-worlds

What this means

  • The large body of existing OAR  files is available for use in web-worlds.
  • Zadaroo  Public Domain OpenSim Resources.
  • OARs - OutWorldz
  • OpenSim OAR files (search)
  • Be sure to check the license before you use an OAR file
  • Building for web-worlds can use the powerful building support of OpenSim
  • Experienced builders in OpenSim may build for web-worlds on commission.


OAR Files converted for import into web-worlds with Convoar

  • Collection
  • glTF files from OAR files
  • This collection may increase with additional contributions.

Optimizations produce several versions 


A straight conversion of the region. All textures are original size and terrain is maximum resolution. This is the best version for loading into Blender or equivilant mesh scene editor.


Meshes are unchanged from the unoptimized version but all textures have been resized to be 256 pixels or less in any dimension and the terrain is half resolution. These two optimizations make significant improvements in the scene load time.


The meshes scene has been completely reorganized based on their material rather than their object. This makes the glTF scene completely uneditable but greatly reduces the draw count and makes even very complex regions displayable with WebGL.

What you can do

  • Download the converted OAR in ZIP  format.
  • Download the converted OAR in TGZ  format.
  • View the glTF file in a simple ThreeJS viewer*  
  • *Be sure to close that view page--multiple views tax the graphics system.
  • Importing may require expert help from the web-world operator (for now),

Tech info

Comment from Roberto Adams===BEGINIt's great seeing more OpenSimulator OARs converted for use in Web-Worlds. To add to your reporting on the Convoar OAR file converter (""), the source , binaries, and instructions for Convoar are available at "" and examples of other converted OARs are at "".====END


Two Web worlds in public beta

  • 3DWebWorldz
  • CybaLOUNGE
  • You can visit either of these as a guest, without registering.
  • Guest is enter-on-impulse mode

Community for web-world development



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