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2018 WW: Events in Cybalounge: finding and setting, tutorial

Events in Cybalounge: 
Finding and setting, tutorial

Cybalounge moves toward social VR, introducing support for event announcements.   People can now read about upcoming events and registered users can post their upcoming evrents in the schedule. Possible added features are discussed. 
Search for events in Cybalounge

Find upcoming events

  • Click the pointed pushpin (bottom line)
  • In the resulting window, click the events tab.
  • Events in the local grid will appear in the resulting panel. 
  • If the event is current, click the enter button to go there.
  • The time may be UTC, so you may need a conversion chart (below).
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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming


World time help

  • In a world-wide environment, pay attention to time zone and Daylight Tme
  • Universal Time (UTC)  to Pacific Daylight Time Conversion Chart
  • Universal Time (UTC)  to Pacific StandardTime Conversion Chart

Setting an event notice

  • Go to the place of the event
  • Click the House and then the events tab . 

To open the Create Event panel

In the event panel

  • Click the date of the event.
  • Calendar will vanish.
Enter the date
  • Use the slide bar to set the time (UTC). 
  • UTC is used to set the order of listing
  • Put any time zone(s) your audience uses in the text.
Fill in time and details

Edit and delete

  • Click the pointed pushpin and the events tab.
  • If there is an event that you created, it will have Edit and Delete buttons below it.
  • You can take it from there.

Possible added features

  • Feed to Cybalounge Google calendar and other social media as possible.
  • Email notification on request (subscribe)
  • Email reminder on request  (subscribe)
  • Enter recurring events
  • Categories of events (in search, in notices)

How do I copy text from the event window?

  • Double click on the first word in the text string.
  • Hold down shift and click on the last word in the string.
  • Press Ctrl c


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