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2017 WEB-WORLDS: Building in Cybalounge, Roadmap 2: Textures, etc.

Building in Cybalounge, Roadmap 2: Textures, etc.
Cybabalounge offers support for building in web-worlds.  You get your own web-world, along with tools to build things to go in it.  This article is second in a series telling how to get your world, go into it, and start building objects.  You  learn to use tools by using them, not by reading about them.
Brick texture applied


    • Message board
    • Fix up your place
    • Texture a primitive
    • Upload textures
    • Upload Models (shapes)
    • (More after the break, scroll down!)

    Metaverse events, current and upcoming


      Use the message board

      Message board
      • To read, type on, or copy from the message board, click on it,
      • It scrolls down so you can see older entries that have not been erased.
      • Type your entry near the top so it will appear on the screen.
      • There are formatting controls at the top.  
      • On some computers, HD screens especially, you may not see the format bar.
      • To see it, reduce the display size.
      • In Chrome, click the 3 button column at upper right, use the zoom controls.
      • Please leave important messages near the top.  
      Editing the message board
      Anyone can do it

      Fix up your place

      • Click the house in the bottom line
      • Give it a name:  in the name field
      • Do over: Click reset
      • Set a landing point:  In the place indicated
      • Remember to Save.

      Texture a primitive

      • Cybalounge offers a library of textures.
      • So you can practice texturing before you figure out how to upload textures.
      • Click an object to select it.  Click Attributes to get the attributes sub-menu.
      • A texture makes the object look like some kind of Material.
      • So click the Material button under Attributes.
      • Click TextureMap and select from the drop down menu of textures.
      • Start with brick, since that will show scale better.
      • Click/hold on the scale slider and slide it a bit, watching the effect.
      • Click/hold on the opacity slider.  Slide it.  
      • You won't see the effect till you release the button.

      Upload textures

      • You want to upload your own textures (images)
      • Doing that is much the same as in virtual worlds:
      • Make images square, with pixel dimensions a power of 2:
      • 128 x128 pixels, 256X256...
      • The images can be in JPEG or PNG format.  
      • To upload images, open your inventory (briefcase, bottom line). 
      • Click the upload button.  The type is texture, the name is your choice
      • Choose File lets you search your computer for the image file.
      • The uploaded textures are available in the location editor.
      • There are currently problems in loading transparencies.
      • You will probably want to avoid that and make your own inworld windows.

      Help on textures 

                        Upload Models (shapes)


                        Use cases

                        Questions?  Put them in comments on this blog



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                        • Use as you please with attribution: web link to the original.
                        • All images without attribution in this blog are CC0: public domain.

                        News and Notes

                        HG links-- depending on your interests 

                        Communities in the virtual worlds

                        Radio in the virtual worlds

                        Metaverse beginner help

                        The Hypergrid WIP Show

                        • The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress. 
                        • Everyone is invited.  Building, scripting, entertainment-- whatever you are working on.
                        • Selby may capture video of presentations in voice, for posting on YouTube.
                        • The WIP show normally meets on 2 Sundays a month at 12 pm California time.
                        • The show meets at the Pandora location on the second Sunday 
                        • But will not meet in the summer.
                        • And at Cookie II on the fourth Sunday.  
                        • To keep up with the WIP meetings, join the Kitely group, Work in progress.

                        Next WIP meeting

                          • Sunday July 23, noon SLT (California) time
                          • Cookie II location (fourth Sunday of the month)
                          • HG address below: paste into the World Map next to Find. Click Find, TP
                          • II 
                          • In Kitely, put Cookie II into the find bar of the world map. 
                          • Suspended for Summer: Pandora Location: (second Sunday of the month)
                          • Pandora allows presenters to run high threat OSSL functions.
                          • Put the line above in your World Map next to Find.  Click FindTP
                          • At Narasnook, use World Map to search for Pandora

                                  Previous Articles from the WIP show 


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