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2017 VID: BIZ: Rapid prototyping for an entertainment park, Mike Mchugh

Rapid prototyping for an entertainment park, 
Mike Mchugh
Mike Mchugh has a goal for his project:  "Rapidly develop designs and concepts in a virtual environment to speed up the design and creative work flow for a fast paced real world entertainment development project under construction."  This is rapid prototyping on a huge scale.

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Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data.[ Construction of the part or assembly is usually done using 3D printing or "additive layer manufacturing" technology.  --Wikipedia
This description is good as far as it goes, but my reaction is "These people think too small."  Rapid prototyping is not limited to machine parts.    It can be done with things as big as entertainment parks and malls.  You wouldn't use CAD for that, of course.  You are not interested in a micrometer fit.  You are interested in things like appearance, sight-lines, and ease of access.  You can prototype that in a user-built virtual world.  

What does "user-built" mean?

User-built virtual worlds have tools that let users build things and rework things right there in the virtual world.  Such worlds also have arrangements that let people rent virtual space where they can build things and leave them as long as they please.  (Renting space or otherwise hosting builds is the main way hosts such as Second Life, Kitely, and Digiworldz make money.)

What is special about a user-built virtual world?

It is a tool for building in 3D graphics while you and your collaborators are looking at the virtual world you are building--looking at it from within that world.  When you build or rearrange objects, everyone can see and evaluate the results immediately--and from any angle. Your collaborators can be anywhere in the "real" world, of course.  
In a user-built virtual world, you can install buildings in as much detail as you want.  For an overall view of an entertainment park, you would probably build an exterior view in which each building would be an intact unit.  That way you could pick up a building and move it around to try various sight-lines and access routes.  A building interior ---
In a user-built virtual world, you have an avatar that can walk around in the virtual world.  You can get a sight-line from any point.  Thus you can not only see the route from one building to another, but check the sight-line to see if that route is visually evident to the visitor.
You can also change the time of day (to night, afternoon, and morning).  Thus you can evaluate visibility, prominence and impression under various lighting conditions.   You have virtual lighting, of course, so you can you can test various lighting configurations for their effect on the appearance at night.
And for publicity, you can take stills or videos in your virtual world.  For  examples, see here
Collaborating and helping teams achieve their project goals using some fun technologies is very enjoyable to me. My virtual production studio is totally scalable depending on your project. I would be happy to discuss your project and help you discover the "FUN" and "Savings" in a global creative team design experience. Travel is not always an option in real life but in my virtual world you can meet , dream and create together from all points on the globe simultaneously. 
Please feel free to contact me at my office in my virtual world by phone or email.
Mike Mchugh 

  • Virtual Production Studios
  • You can also reach Mike Mchugh in Kitely (Ctrl f gets the Kitely search panel).





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