Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 WW: PEOPLE: Drag and Drop avatars in Cybalounge

Drag and Drop avatars in Cybalounge
CybaLOUNGE  is a virtual world that runs in a browser on most computers and many tablets.  Cybalounge needs no installation, no plug-ins, no firewall bypass.  Users can import their own things and build their own world in it.  Visitors can enter with no registration.  Registered users get their own free world to experiment with.  In the video shown here, I demonstrate the use of Drag and Drop for importing avatars from the inventory on my computer.



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    If you are interested in web-worlds...


    1. Drag and drop?! NOW you have my attention! I had previously fiddled around with cybalounge thinking it was quaint, but this feature has my brain working!

    2. More development posted and coming.