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2018 EDU: WW: LIBRARY: Teacher's web assistant brings museums, aquariums, web cams virtual worlds, libraries, games, and challenges

Teacher's web assistant brings 
museums, aquariums, web cams
virtual worlds, libraries, 
games, and challenges

New web service is suggested to support teachers in accessing the extensive and growing educational resources of the web. It would be somewhat like library service, a multimedia service, and a student coach in one (portable) computer.   
Empty classroom
  • Not a current headline.
  • But get ready for the future.
  • We can put virtual museums and art galleries on a browser.
  • Going there is as easy as going to Facebook.
  • We can put instructional games in the virtual museums.
  • Anyone can go there.  
  • Future:
  • Docents, multimedia helpers can be there.
  • Students can go there and talk to anyone there.  


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What kind of assistants?

  • Trained teacher's assistants
  • Librarians
  • Educational sources: videos, articles, textbooks online.
  • Web-based resources:  Museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, etc.
  • Subject matter experts
  • Artificial intelligent sources as they become useful

How does this work?

  • The web assistant is a web page, accessed in a browser.
  • The user arrives in a virtual world with options to choose specific help 
  • Or ask the librarian who will arrive soon if the user makes no choice.
  • Students can go there at school if they have a computer.
  • Teachers could show it to classes if they have a class-sized screen.
  • Anyone can access it with a computer at home.

Web cams, zoos, aquariums, museums, web-displays

  • These show only a little of the potential  of web-worlds.
  • You can't interact with people in these spaces.
  • As you can in full grown web-worlds.
  • But if you start in a web-world, everyone can at least talk to each other.


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Other aquariums

Smithsonian’s National Zoo 

Other Zoos



Challenge-based learning can create useful products

In Wiki Education’s Classroom Program, university instructors assign students to write Wikipedia articles, empowering them to share knowledge with the world. Students research course-related topics that are missing or underrepresented, synthesize the available literature, and use our free tools and trainings to add the information to Wikipedia.



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